The transition from your parry to your counterattack is slow and monotonous, 35 points.
—Queen's Blade

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Neutral Good


Chapter 6

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Queen's Blade Episode 1

Alleyne is a recurring character in the Queen's Blade series. Both strict and kind, she pushes those under her to be the best they can, Despite her brash exterior, she does hold a soft spot for Nowa.

History Edit

Alleyne served as the guardian of her tribe of forest elves for 1000 years, fostering a rivalry with Echidna the Veteran Mercenary and training future guardians. One day, she began training the half-elf Nowa and the two grew very close. When Nowa was enlisted in the Queen's Blade tournament, Alleyne joined alongside her.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Alleyne first appears in Chapter 6, acting as the head guard of the elves' forest prison. When Kyuu's brigade breaks in to free Negi, she and Nowa confront and fight them. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Bowser. Kyuu and his party fend off Bowser, convincing Alleyne that they are trustworthy people. She later assists in rescuing the elven elder in Chapter 8.

If Kyuu acquires an elvish language book from the Bluelake Town library, he can give to Alleyne as early as Chapter 7 to have her translate it.

At Chapter 9, Kyuu can talk to Alleyne to train under her. The first round requires Kyuu to beat her in a one-on-one fight for a stat boost and a Guardian Staff weapon. Talking to her again at Level 25 grants another stat boost. The next round of training requires Kyuu to equip the Guardian Staff and win a two vs. one match against Kanon and Nowa. Winning teaches Kyuu the Ap Do spell. The final training bout requires Kyuu to reach Makai Coliseum and win the Slifer Palace tournament.

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