I've been thinking what Sakura would say at a time like this... “Real strength only reveals itself when one is faced with great turmoil! Therefore, I shall always tread a thorny path!!
—Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Aoi Asahina

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Chapter 10: Among the Wolves/Chapter 1: A Boy's Life of Hope and Despair

Original Appearance:

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2010)

Aoi Asahina is one of the recurring protagonists of the Danganronpa franchise. She is a physically fit girl who places a high value on protecting her friends.

History Edit

An accomplished athlete from an early age, Aoi found a love of water and became known as the Ultimate Swimming Pro for her prowess. She was later scouted by Hope's Peak Academy and became a part of the Killing Game. She managed to survive to the end and escaped with the other students.

Afterwards, Aoi and the others joined the Future Foundation to help put the planet back together again. In the process of judging member Makoto Naegi on one of his rogue actions, she was roped into the Final Killing Game and forced to find a way to survive once again.

Role in Rakenzarn TalesEdit

Asahina is planned to be a recruitable party member.

Role in Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

A different incarnation of Aoi Asahina appears in Rakenzarn: Frontier Story. She hails from an alternate Danganronpa world where the Tragedy never happens so she lives in a relatively normal life.

While she is still the Ultimate Swimmer and best friends with Sakura Ogami, she is also a close friend of Makoto Naegi, caring for his well-being and supporting with each other. She encourages him to join Sakura's gym so he can learn self-defense, especially the fact he's a constant target for bullying from delinquents outside their school. She even defends Makoto as seen in a flashback when Hagakure blurts out Makoto's bad fortune, to which she scolds Hagakure for being insensitive. One of their friends even note how close they are.

Despite their strong friendship, Aoi has little patience when it comes to Makoto's self-deprecation. If Makoto shows a small hint of him belitting on himself, she'll scold him.

Throughout Chapter 3, Aoi is the first to inform Makoto of Kyoko's disappearance. From the same chapter, she and Sayaka are accidentally taken to a different version of Rokkenjima Island by the unstable rifts, where they discover Makoto's involvement with the Realmwalkers. She soon becomes an ally for the Realmwalkers.

In Chapter 4, she, Kyoko, and Sayaka express their shock when Makoto decides to join the Realmwalkers. Makoto tells Ascheritt and the other Realmwalkers his reason, but Aoi - having known Makoto as a close friend - can see that Makoto is lying as she states, 'I know you [Makoto]. You know you can't fool me.' She is aware of the danger Makoto Naegi is going to be in so she tries to convince him not to join the Realmwalkers, to the point she expresses her concern.

Makoto Naegi is still determined to join the Realmwalkers despite her effort. Aoi expresses her frustration that Makoto is far too stubborn, but relents and supports his decision. By the end of the chapter, Aoi fully changes her mind and gives Makoto her full support.

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