Okay, I'll join. I have a feeling that things may get very interesting if I hang out with you.
—Rakenzarn Tales
(drawn by MTC-Studios)

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Buff Mage




Chapter 6: Bad Blood

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Original Character

Atossa is an Original Character created by Kurush Wuzurg.


Not much is known from her, but she is an adventurer and a mage. She has been traveling to different places while improving her magic.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

Atossa makes her debut in the sixth chapter. She is also one of the optional characters.

Players can find her in Riveras Town's local inn, the Green Stallion Inn. Upon entering her room, she'll introduce herself. If the player talks to her again and say that they're interested with her skills, she'll figure out that Kyuu wants her to join his brigade.

In order to convince her to join, players will have to answer a few questions from her, which will vary depending on the player's alignment. This may prove to be difficult because if they fail to convince her, they will not have the second chance at all. When successful, Atossa decides to join Kyuu's brigade, willing to aid him and his friends with her magic.

Atossa is an interesting Buffer type. While she lacks physical attacks and has almost no offensive spells, she has an array of buff spells to strengthen the other party members. In addition, she has a few healing spells mainly to heal status reduction.