Axel Akamura
Axel Akamura
(drawn by MTC-Studios)

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Axel Akamura is an Original Character created by Vastler75.


Not much known about Axel, but he is a heroic, yet cocky & sarcastic young man. He is friends with some of the protagonists from the Negima series. He is also in love with Kazumi Asakura, the class paparazzi.

He is also known to break the fourth wall.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

He makes his official appearance in Chapter 4, where he saves Kyuu from The Assassin. He deliberately defeats her single handedly.

Kyuu thanks Axel for the rescue and then asks the latter who exactly he is. However, Axel doesn't tell the protagonist of his identity, but he leaves a cryptic message: "Let's say I'm like you."

Before Kyuu can get straight answers from Axel, The Assassin suddenly stands up. To top it off, the Assassin reveals that she was holding back the entire time and she became crazy, revealing her darker side. Fortunately, the rest of the brigade arrives to aid both Kyuu and Axel. Outnumbered, The Assassin is forced to retreat. However, Axel has also retreated for reasons unknown.

Axel later appears near the end of the chapter where he aids Kyuu and Kite against Electro. Afterwards, Axel officially joins the party/brigade.

Skills Edit

Axel is a dual type (Bruiser/Fighter). His class, Blitzer, is agile and physically strong. Using a variety of wide-ranged attacks and some grapple moves, Axel is a force to reckoned with. His dual class nature makes him more versatile than other party members.

His grapple moves allow him to perform wrestling moves (such as a piledriver, Suplex, Powerbomb, etc), which deals more damage than his sword attacks.

Surprisingly, Axel has a higher magic resistance than most Bruiser characters. However, Axel is extremely vulnerable to Ice elements, so the player is advised not to use Axel against enemies with ice elements.

His Special Trait, Ring of Honor, grants him higher resistance to stun-like effects (this includes Stun and Down). If his Soul Break is active, all party members are cured from stun effects and also immune to them.

Elemental Resistances Edit

  • Absorb: None
  • Resist: Thunder
  • Defense: Fire
  • Weak: Ice


Level Skill Effect Upgradeable?
Default Azure Assault Slash attack to one foe.
Default Clothesline Deals damage to one foe. Cancels defense buffs.
5 Blue Flare Casts stronger Fire spell to one foe.
10 Burial Strike Slash attack to all foes.

Gallery Edit

Axel's Party Usage

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