• Jacob175

    Summon Ideas (for fun)

    January 10, 2019 by Jacob175

    So, like my previous blog with for funsies ideas for characters, here's one of possible in-game summons. Again, not pushing for these to be actually used. Just wanted to be a little creative. I may add to this list as time goes on.

    Rabbid Peach

    • Element: Light
    • Special Trait: Shield - Nullifies 30% damage of the first enemy attack in battle.
    • Mega Heal - Restores 30% of party's HP.
    • New Wave Wrecker - Light element damage to one foe. Inflict Off-Balance.

    Rabbid Yoshi

    • Element: Earth
    • Special Trait: Scaredy Rabbid - Attempts to inflict Fear on all enemies at the start of battle.
    • Outer Shell - Nullify one attack.
    • Kimono No No - 8x Earth damage to one foe.

    Rabbid Mario

    • Element: Fire
    • Special Trait: Boom Dash - Fire attacks deal 15% more damage.
    • Magnet Dance - Dis…

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  • Jacob175

    Character Ideas (for fun)

    October 26, 2018 by Jacob175

    Just sharing some ideas for fighters I came up with for fun. I'm not going to actively push these to be in the game. I was more interested in coming up with how to make certain characters into balanced party members that fit within their in-series skill sets. I may add more if I come up with anything.

    Uzume Tennouboshi
    Class: Fighter
    Attack Type: Gun
    Element: Neutral
    Special Trait: CPU Transform - Uses RP equivalent to 20% of Max RP to transform into Orange Heart. 25% boost to all stats for five turns or until death. Only useable once per battle.

    Dream Roar - Heavy Gun damage to one foe.
    Dream Smash Fist - Bash damage to one foe. Inflict Staggered.
    Revive - Revive one ally with 30% HP.
    Umio Heaven - Fire damage to all foes. Grants Inspired (ATK Up/…

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  • Jacob175

    If there's one major downside to a game like Rakenzarn Tales, it's that its claim of "every fictional character" living there means that the bulk of them are going to get excluded. Now that can't be helped, but it does wonder what other fictional characters are up to if they aren't going to cross Kyuu's path and get involved in some way, so I thought this topic would be a good way for us to hypothesize on that. Think of it as a little bit headcanon, a little bit wondering. Feel free to leave a comment with your own ideas as what you think they'd be up to.

    • Characters who have come and gone:
      • The Land Before Time cast.
      • The Ice Age cast.
      • The Flintstones.
      • Joe & Mac.
    • The mystery-solving groups from the 1970s, including Scooby-Doo, Jabberjaw and Speed …
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  • Jacob175

    Guild For Fun

    June 5, 2015 by Jacob175

    So, for giggles, I thought I'd try to come with my own idea for guilds that would be like one in this game. This is very much a WIP that I plan to do in my spare time with no hopes of actually seeing it in-game. I just had an idea I wanted to act on and build a bit. Maybe I'll actually do something with it when I think it's good enough.

    Name: Rising Moon

    Guild Type: Official

    History: A respected guild that recruits a wide variety of members.

    Guildmaster: Signas

    Vice-Guildmaster: Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

    Informant: Azusa Matsudaira


    • Kit Ballard (Close-combat, Jack-of-all-trades)
    • Chung (Heavy weapons, Mighty Glacier)
    • Vert (Tech handling, Lightning Bruiser)
    • Mega Man Volnutt (Archeologist, Gradual Grinder)
    • Myuria Tionysus (Lead magician, Black Mage) …
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  • Dark Kyu

    Sprites wanted

    May 27, 2011 by Dark Kyu

    Hey everyone, I really hate to ask again, but I need some people that can make character sprites for the game and I really need it.

    If you can help with the game's project, just post it here in this blog and I, depend if the sprites are good enough, will add you into the credits. I'd be very appreciate it if you can help.

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