There are four types of bosses:

  • Main, the enemies you'll fight in the storyline. There are two types of main boss, Main and Minor. Both uses original soundtracks by YouFulca.
  • Rival, not actual enemies but a competition nevertheless. Most of them are duels and may utilize the Duel Clash system. The rival theme is "Don't be Defeated by a Friend" (Super Arranged version) from The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki.
  • Quest, optional bosses you'll fight in various sidequests. Much like the Main Bosses, there are the Main and Minor bosses. Both uses soundtracks from Radiata Stories. There is also a special boss theme exclusive to 'Third Option' path. Its boss theme is "Red Radical Rage" from Yakuza 0.
  • Ultra, the cream of the crop. They're the hardest foes outside the storyline and require very specific conditions, but offer incredible prizes for winning. The theme is almost always "Own Little World" from Dead Rising 2.

After losing a certain amount of HP, usually around 50%, bosses after Chapter 1 will cure themselves of all debuffs and ailments and gain a permanent buff or two for the rest of the battle.

  • Relentless: Immune to Stun, Paralysis, Dizzy or any prevention debuffs.
  • Resilient: Immune to Poison, Bleed or any other gradual HP reduction ailments.
  • Unyielding: Immune to any stat-reducing debuffs.
  • Enraged: Raises ATK, MAG, AGI and LUK by 20%.

NOTE: The list is incomplete, more bosses to come.

WARNING: May contain major spoilers!


Boss 1: Pete, Wario, and WaluigiEdit

The first boss(es) of the game.

Wario uses brute force while Waluigi uses magic. As for Pete, he uses buff spells and rarely attacks. Fortunately, this also serves as the Soul Break tutorial, so you can use those right away to get some major damage in. Each one also has a specific weakness: Dark for Pete, Thunder for Wario and Fire for Waluigi. Dark Magician Girl can use her Weapon Skill on Waluigi and Dark Burning Attack on Pete while Kyuu uses Shock Driver on Wario. Have Kite focus on whoever is lower on HP and on healing items as needed.

Boss 2: Ant QueenEdit

The second boss in Chapter 1: A New Beginning.

The Ant Queen's main threat is that she was a trio of ant soldiers to back her up. Swap in Noel or Kite with their multiple foe hitting foes to take out the soldiers quickly before focusing on the queen. Beyond that, her main threat is high HP and hitting hard. Sakura is a good choice due to the queen's weakness to Bash-type attacks.



Ultra Edit