A New Beginning
Chapter 1


Cyril Region

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Kyuu meets Kite's friends at the Nutsy Guild, but his efforts to find out more about the book from them prove fruitless. The three decide their best bet to find out more is to go to Bluelake Town's library and gather a team to make sure their trip is a safe one.

Character debutEdit

Party debutEdit

  • Sakura
  • Kanata
  • Nina
  • Noel
  • Kanon



  • The title was originally called "A New Life," but was retitled to fit the plot.
  • Before Version 3 of the game, this chapter had a much different set of events.
    • Kyuu still meet with the guild, but this was the entirety of the chapter. He also fought with Piccolo, had his first use of Deductive Move and an a boss fight against ogres.
    • Sakura and Kanata were shown as already being guild members and Dark Magician Girl was interested in joining, with Goku taking in Kyuu at the end. In the current version, only Kite, Noel and Kanon are guild members, DMG makes no mention of joining and Kyuu does not join at this point.
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