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Cyril Region

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With a full party gathered, the new group begins their task to make it through the Blackwood Forest. Unfortunately, Kyuu's lack of battle experience makes him an open target for monsters that roam around the forest, forcing him to rely on his new friends. To make things worse, the party finds themselves caught up in dealing with bandits when an unusual alliance between two rival camps brings them under attack.

Character debutEdit

Party debutEdit

  • Lily (Support)

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Versions 1 and 2 Edit


  • Halfway through the Nightmare scenario (right after solving the puzzle door), Kyuu will find a silhouette in a blinding light. The character's silhouette will be completely different depending the player's alignment.
    • If the alignment is Lawful, the silhouette is a young girl (probably at her teens) with a sword sheathed on her waist.
    • If the alignment is Neutral, the silhouette is a young woman wielding a weapon that appears to be a knife. If you look closely, you'll find that the silhouette is Suki.
    • If the alignment is Chaotic, the silhouette is an older woman with long pony-tailed hair.
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