Madness Syndrome
Chapter 9


Kandur Region

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After restoring the previous region, Kyuu and the brigade receives a letter from an unknown person. The sender begs them to come and save the third region, Kandur. The plague causes most of its residents to go absolutely mad, attacking anyone either be friend or foe. The region is under quarantine by The Knights and they will not allow anyone enter Kandur. The sender claims that he or she may have the answer to prevent the plague from spreading even further.

Now Kyuu and the brigade have to find a way to get into the region and find their mysterious client. It won't be easy when the region itself is surrounded by paranoid individuals and the Knight infantries.

To make it even worse, one of the Saint Lords has hired six mercenaries into joining their subordinates to hunt down and kill Kyuu. Among the assassins are Tayuya, a survivor of the Sound Clan who becomes a member of the Blood Legion Guild. Taskmaster, a special mercenary with photographic memory and mimic certain fighting styles. Wild Dog, leader of the titled mercenary group skilled with various weaponries and explosives. And the feared and very skilled Deathstroke, who's determined to finish the job and take the reward for himself.

In this heated fight, one of their friends' life will hang in the balance. 

Character debutEdit

Party debutEdit

  • Makoto Naegi
  • Mana Tatsumiya
  • Reiko Hinomoto
  • Lilith
  • Autolycus
  • Naruto
  • Leonardo (Support)
  • Metallia (Support)
  • Suki (Support)
  • Carol (Support)
  • Ashley (Support)

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  • The chapter's title was originally "The Village Within The Mountains."
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