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Cyril is the first region of the Phantasma Continent.

When Kyuu arrived in Rakenzarn, he landed in this particular region, serving as the first major area to explore. Pete is the main villain in this region.


Cyril Region grid

Grid map of the Cyril Region

Not much is known about the region, though the plague causes most of the waters to dehydrate. Fortunately, the region has a precious treasure known as the Water Orb that magically produces water, which quickly solved the problem.

However, despite the Water Orb's magic, the influences of the plague has become very strong such that it created a barrier surrounding the region. As a result, the region has been cut off from the rest of the Phantasma Continent. Not only that, the plague has also caused the local monsters to become more aggressive and even infected some of the intelligent monsters (such as those from the Monster Girl Quest).


  • Densel Town

The first town serves as the hub of the region. It is also home to several of the region's guilds.

  • Sivurd Town

The second town located southwest of Densel Town.

  • BlueLake Town

The largest town located northwest of Densel Town. It is surrounded by a lake.


  • Blackwood Forest

Located north of Densel Town. The forest is mostly crawled with Velocipreys (Monster Hunter), Oviraptors (Dino Crisis), Slime Girls (Monster Girl Quest), and Apes (from Legend of Spyro). There is also a swamp in the forest, which is inhabited by lizard folks.

  • Galimus Plain

Located south of Sivurd Town. The plain is inhabited with dangerous slimes and Oviraptors. It is also a breeding ground for Allosaurus; the dinosaurs are very dangerous in this area and it is advised not to engage them until the players are level 19 or above.

  • Kolinia Forest

Located southwest of Sivurd Town. The forest is much larger than Blackwood Forest. It is inhabited with wild wolves and ogres. Terrence's Tower is located deep within the forest.