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Da'fur is the second region of the Phantasma Region. Bowser serves as the primary antagonist here.

While there are humans, there are also elves residing in this particular region.


Da'fur Region1
The region is famous for its large amount of forests and the myths hidden within. The most famous of them all is the fabled "Lost Tower." According to legend, the tower is very high that it reaches the heaven itself. There are rumors of a mysterious source in the top of the tower. It is said that whoever possesses the source will gain limitless magic. Unfortunately, no adventurer has been able to find the tower.

Elves live somewhere in the Blissing Forest. According to many civilians, the elves were once live side by side with other races until they began to conceal themselves from the outside world.

In the deepest part of the forest, travelers can find Dryads, the protectors of forests and trees. They appear to be beautiful women with delicate features seemingly made of soft wood.

At the north, travelers can find another forest known as the Zairu Forest.

Da'fur Region2
Some residents and local adventurers claim to have seen 'little blue creatures' in the southern forest. However, no further evidence of the creatures' existence is presented. Some also speak of a portal to another world inhabited by colorful horses somewhere in the region.

The plague has caused most of the environments to mutate, such as large venus fly traps and monstrous trees that can attack anyone.


  • EverGreen Town

The town in the middle of the region. The Morning Glory Guild makes their home here.

  • Riveras Village

A small village located somewhere in the Blissing Forest.

  • Elf Village

The home of the elves, hidden deep with the southeast Blissing Forest.

  • Nesfor

A town in the northwest, allowing access to Veryl. The Rumble Ring fighting arena is located here.


  • Blissing Forest

The southern forest. Sightings of elves, 'little blue creatures,' and Dryads are found here. Some bandits have set camps in this forest.

  • Zairu Forest

The northern forest. The entrance to the Lost Tower is said to be located here.