Crime's the disease! Meet the cure! Okay, not the cure, but more a topical ointment that reduces swelling and itch.
—Deadpool movie test footage.

Character Type:


Initial Level:



Merc with the Mouth


Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good leanings


Chapter 9: Madness Syndrome

Original Appearance:

New Mutants #98 (1991)

Deadpool is a Marvel comics character and one of the company's most popular figures. Originally starting life as Marvel's take on Deathstroke, later writers molded him into a more distinct personality. He is a hyperactive mercenary with uncanny bloodlust, fighting skill and a high tendency to break the fourth wall.

History Edit

The man who would become Deadpool began as a mercenary named Wade Winston Wilson, skilled in firearms, blades and hand-to-hand combat. None of this could save him from a terminal cancer diagnosis, and in his desperation to find a cure, he joined the Weapon X program in hopes of acquiring the healing factor of the mutant Wolverine to cure him. It succeeded in keeping his cancer under control, even making Wade stronger than before, but the process broke his mind and caused him to believe himself to be a character in fictional media.

Adopting the name Deadpool, Wade continued to use his newfound abilities to work as a mercenary, alternating between both assisting and hindering Marvel's heroes and villains alike, as long as the pay is good. At the end of the day, fighting alongside the good guys of Marvel has him try to do the right thing when the chips are down.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Much to Axel's delight, Deadpool is a party member who first shows up at the end of Chapter 9 to help save Kyuu from Deathstroke. Like all his other media appearances, Deadpool is fully aware that he is in a video game and breaks the fourth wall multiple times. In a nod to his origins, he and Deathstroke appear to have run into each other multiple times.

In Chapter 10, Deadpool can be found hanging around the guild. Deciding he needs proof of Kyuu's skill, the player must complete three tests. The first is a Rival Battle against Deadpool. The second is to slate his desire for women by having four adult women in the party, either active as party members or equipped as Summon Cards. Lastly, he wants you to pick up Command Points by solving a crime in Nesfor. After completing all this, Deadpool will join the party.

Deadpool plays as a Glass Cannon. He uses katanas as his primary weapon and his special skills allow him to inflict various status conditions while attacking foes. He has high HP, but takes a significant bit of damage from attacks.

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