Rakenzarn TalesEdit

This is where you can download the main game, but you need the RPG Maker XP engine in your PC to play it.

  • Version 4: The newest version of the game and the first to be ported to RPG Maker VX Ace.
    • Version 4.1.1b : A quick update with 5 new quests and Affinity feature.
  • Version 3: The newest version of the game, with a revised prologue and first arc.
  • Update: If you have the game and there's an update, you may download the updated resources and data from this link.
  • Version 2: The second version with new gameplay features, an expanded story, and more characters.

Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

This is where you can download the spinoff, Rakenzarn: Frontier Story.


The following links are Version 2's new guides. Special credit goes to geminidrake.

Update DataEdit

The following link contains updated data to fix bugs and errors. Just simply replace the original files in the game's Data Folder with the ones in the ZIP archive.

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