It's Frank... Frank West. Remember that name 'cause the whole world's gonna know it in three days.
—Dead Rising
Frank West

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Chaotic Good



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Dead Rising

Frank West is the protagonist of the first Dead Rising game and a recurring character in the series. Headstrong and determined, Frank jumps headfirst into any situation to get the story he wants. Though previously known for his coverage of stories during wartime, an incident in Willamette, Colorado leads him to becoming the zombie-fighting hero the people need.

History Edit

Frank first appeared in Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. Investigating a disturbance in Willamette, Frank discovered that almost all the town's populace had been turned into zombies by Carlito Keyes, a terrorist seeking revenge on the US for the destruction of his village. Frank managed to foil the government's attempt to cover up the incident, but he was unable to prevent zombies from becoming a new part of the world's life.

After some brief fame after his heroism, Frank began working on uncovering the truth behind the government's plans regarding zombies. This lead to a brief team-up in Dead Rising 2 between him and the wrongly accused Chuck Greene to investigate a facility that could potentially hold a cure.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Frank is currently planned as a party member. He first appears in Chapter 10, helping Kyuu against some zombies while exploring Goka City's Hopedale Hospital. Looking for the next big scoop, he offers to help Kyuu if he can find him an even bigger story. Talk to Frank after beating the hospital's boss and he will exchange information and contact info with Kyuu.

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