Gagaga Girl

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Neutral Good


Chapter 9: Madness Syndrome

Original appearance:

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode 21

Gagaga Girl is one of many cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! She originally appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

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Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Gagaga Girl surprisingly appears in Rakenzarn Tales. Like Dark Magician Girl, she is a Duel Spirit. And like Dark Magician Girl again, she is NOT related to the manga or the anime series.

Gagaga Girl is a member of Chizuko's Brigade acting as the primary Black Mage. She happens to be Dark Magician Girl's childhood friend who, unlike Dark Magician Girl, is a bit lazy and hates being bored. She also has a knack for fighting as seen in her fight against the mercenaries and bashing Naegi out of boredom.

Despite her love for fights, she does have common sense. She chastises Sakuya for ignoring a warning and, in turn, getting the brigade into trouble.

As a rival brigade, Gagaga Girl serves as Dark Magician Girl's equal.

Relationships Edit

Dark Magician GirlEdit

Gagaga Girl and Dark Magician Girl are close friends. According to Dark Magician Girl, they grow up together and somewhat views her as a sister figure. If she and Kyuu are in a relationship, Gagaga Girl will warn Kyuu if he breaks her heart, she'll bash his face in.

Chizuko MikamoEdit

Gagaga Girl seems to respect Chizuko as her brigade leader.


They're both on good terms although Gagaga Girl does get annoyed by Sakuya's ditziness. She tends to crack at Sakuya whenever she gets them into trouble.