Kamen Rider Kick Hopper
Kick Hopper
"Rider Kick!"

Character Type:

Villain Boss/Anti-hero

Initial Level:





Saint Lords



Original appearance:

Kamen Rider Kabuto (2007)

Kamen Rider Kick Hopper (仮面ライダーキックホッパー Kamen Raidā Kikku Hoppā) is one of the main anti-heroes of the Japanese tokusatsu show, Kamen Rider Kabuto created by Shotaro Ishinomori. Kick Hopper's motif is based on the grasshopper.


His real name is Sou Yaguruma (矢車 想 Yaguruma Sō) who was the original TheBee and a 27-year old agent of ZECT. Yaguruma, while TheBee, had his own personal army of ZECT Troopers called Shadow. He is a perfectionist, believing in a philosophy known as "Kanzen Chōwa" (完全調和 "Perfect Harmony"). When he's calm, he's a caring person who possesses a strict code of teamwork and demands perfection. He cares deeply for his team members, and in battle he is a brilliant tactician. However, he's also impulsive, brash and quick to anger.

This one flaw played a part in his falling out when Tendou managed to infiltrate his flawless security team and upstage him by revealing how a Worm had done the same, immediately challenging Kabuto to a fight to eliminate him as order. Though he defeated Tendou and destroy his belt, Yaguruma snaps when Tendou later transformed with a repaired belt. His resulting mental state caused him to disregard the safety of his team in favor of getting revenge against Tendou, which led to his Zecter rejecting him and being transfered out of Shadow. After this he was reassigned to another part of the city, he learned that the members of his former team were being eliminated from within by a traitor. Despite his renewed vow to protect his team, Kageyama was made the new TheBee and new leader of Shadow, turning his back on his former superior.

After a series of unknown events, Yaguruma returned as a very different person with a wild leather jacket outfit. The loss of his rank and dignity because of Tendou driven him very insane, seeing him himself as a "loser" unworthy of his previous idealogy and embraces a new ideology around hell and darkness. After bringing Kagayama under his wing once more, Yaguruma attempts to stir his partner on to see things as he does, seeing that Kageyama only setting himself up for a fall at the slightlist glimmer of hope while expressing a bit of envy because he could no longer feel any emotion. As either TheBee or Kick Hopper, Yaguruma uses a fighting style themed around kicks.

Hopper Zecter [Green Side]Edit

  • Device type: Rider Belt
  • Animal: Grasshopper
  • Primary Finisher: Rider Kick

Role in RakenzarnEdit