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Dark Ninja


Party Member



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Karas (2005-2007)

Karas ( , translated as The Raven) is the main character of the six-part OVA, Karas, written by Keiichi Sato and produced by Tatsunoko Production to commemorate their 40th anniversary.


Karas was first televised as a pay-per-view program from March 25, 2005 to August 3, 2007. Neither man or spirit, Karas is the "Protector of the City," capable of transforming into automobiles and aircraft. They are actually suits of armor animated by human souls infused into them through Yurine's chanting of a Shinto prayer. Karas has a dark nature and are "menacing" in their look. Karas are modeled after Ravens as Ravens always seem to be watching over the city.

His real name is Otoha, who runs a hospital for youkai, the mythical monsters unseen by the human inhabitants of Japan. The number of youkai needing medical assistance has grown, both because of attacks by the Mikura, youkai that replaced their bodies with machinery, and some intangible evil corrupting them from within. In response, Otoha has accepted the role of protector of Tokyo, the role of Karas, to defend its inhabitants and the youkai from the rogue Ekou and his Mikura. With his eye-device (for lack of a better term at the moment), Otoha can transform into different forms. He can take on the form of "Hishokaku" to fly, or a ninja-like form to fight. As Karas, Otoha is the last bastion of defense against Ekou. He must fight not only Ekouo and the Mikura, but the course of destiny itself.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

His role is unknown until the release of the game's re-written version.