(the fairy battler from RPG Maker XP)

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Chaotic Good


Chapter 7: Lost Relic

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Original character

Lily is a fairy-like sprite.

In the pre-release versions, she was one of the main characters in Rakenzarn Tales. However, due to the complete rewrite of the story, Lily's role has been changed to a minor character.


In the beta version, Lily was one of the main characters who guided Kyuu throughout Rakenzarn. Her role was very similar to Navi or Midna from the Legend of Zelda series as she would teach players various things and gameplay mechanics.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

Version 2 Edit

Lily is a minor character and resident of the Da'fur Region. She makes her debut appearance in Chapter 6: Bad Blood. If she's located within the poison section of the Blissing Forest and given an Elixir, she will fly off. She reappears with Chapter 7 alongside Link, where she grants Kyuu a number of items before leaving.

If Kyuu returns to where he first encountered her in Chapter 9, Lily can join the party as a Support member with healing spells. She can also access the gateway hidden in the forest, starting the Adventures in Equestria sidearc.

Version 3 Edit

Lily joins much sooner in Version 3 of the game, briefly appearing in Chapter 0 roaming the entrance to town. Later, during Chapter 2 in the Blackwood Forest, the party encounters her injured. Nina heals her and Lily joins them out of gratitude and a mutual destination. Still a Support member, Lily now has the ability to analyze enemies for information and a defense boosting skill for the active party.