The Makai Coliseum is an area located in the Veryl Region. Here, warriors compete in individual and team battles for fame, glory and prizes. The current reigning champion is a man named Nemean Primalstorm. It can be accessed by Chapter 9 in Version 2.1.2.

Outside of its place in the storyline, the Coliseum is an optional location where the party can participate in fights for prizes, EXP and money. There are two fight categories: duel fights where Kyuu goes one-on-one with ten foes and team fights of 15 to 16 teams. Each category has four palaces of ascending difficulty.

Duel Fight Palaces Edit

  • Nimrod Palace
    1. Glass Joe (Punch-Out!!)
    2. Elina (Queen’s Blade)
    3. Young Cricket (Warioware)
    4. Kanata
    5. Chipp Zanuff (Guilty Gear)
    6. Balrog (Street Fighter)
    7. Yun-Seong (Soul Calibur)
    8. Jack Russell (Radiata Stories)
    9. Asagi (Disgaea)
    10. Champion: Reiner Braun (Attack on Titan)
  • Cúchulainn Palace
  • Kiyomori Palace
  • Sudirman Palace

Team Fight Palaces Edit

  • Valus Palace
  • Omnimon Palace
  • Rathalos Palace
  • Arceus Palace



Duel FightsEdit

Team Fights Edit