Okay then, Kyuu, I'll come along. Something tells me this is going to be one heck of an adventure.
—Rakenzarn Tales
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owned by thechossen1

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Elemental Warrior


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Chapter 7: Lost Relics

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Original Character

Maxwell is an Original Character created by thechossen1.


Maxwell is an original character created by thechossen1 for his fan fiction story, Project Maxwell, a story inspired by Rakenzarn Tales itself.

He was created by a scientist in an attempt to create a being capable of withstanding almost anything. Maxwell was raised by said scientist unaware of this.

Years later, during a mysterious storm, Maxwell is transported to a land known as Collision, a mysterious world where fictional characters roamed the street.

Now Maxwell must form a team of heroes to save Collision while at the same time discover the mystery of why he got here, and more importantly why Collision exists.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

Maxwell is one of the optional recruitable characters.

He seems to be looking for someone as he journeys throughout Rakenzarn, but he isn't able to find him. Players are able to recruit Maxwell in Chapter 7, where he can be found in Riveras Town. Talk to him and Kyuu can offer to help ask the townspeople about the man he is looking for. After gathering enough information and reporting back to Maxwell, Kyuu can talk to him again and offer to have him join the party.

Maxwell is a Jack-of-all-trades type. He can use magic and is resistant to some of the elements such as Ice. He also has abilities that increase his defense and other status, which can wear the enemies down. Despite his powerful abilities, be aware that he has his own weakness too. He's vulnerable to magic attacks especially Fire element.

Gallery Edit

Maxwell's Party Usage

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