I'm X-- one of the Maverick Hunters. It's my sworn duty to protect people-- all life, really.
—Sonic Boom #8
Mega Man X

Character Type:


Initial Level:



Maverick Hunter


Neutral Good


Chapter 10

Original Appearance:

Mega Man X (1993)

Mega Man X, more commonly referred to as just X, is the main character of the Mega Man X series, a sequel series to the original Mega Man games. As the final creation of Dr. Light, X possesses abilities and powers unlike any other robot before him. He is a pacifist by nature and wishes to live in peace, but will never give up and uses his virtually limitless potential for growth to fight as long as evil threatens the world.

History Edit

X's first appearance was in the self-titled Mega Man X for the SNES in 1993. Awakened by archelogoist Dr. Cain after 100 years of being sealed away, X's advanced technology helped creating the free-thinking robots known as Reploids. When the crazed Reploids known as Mavericks began moving to bigger plans, X took his first role as a Maverick Hunter with the Hunter Zero and began his crusade against the Reploid known as Sigma and his various schemes for world domination. Aside from Sigma, X also fought against foes such as Lumine, Epsilon and other crazed Reploids.

In the follow-up series Mega Man Zero, it was revealed that X eventually defeated the virus behind Maverick Reploids and attempted to start a new city to bring between Reploids and humans. His body was forced to be sealed away to prevent a powerful being known as the Dark Elf while his mind was transferred into a digital form called a Cyber-Elf, who entrusted and assisted Zero to help save the world from Dr. Weil.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

X is a playable character who makes his debut in Chapter 10.