Are you stupid? There's no way you monkeys can beat an elite angel like me!
—Queen's Blade
Queen's Blade

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Angel of Light


Chaotic Good


Chapter 6: Thicker Fogs

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Queen's Blade episode 1

Nanael (ナナエル, lit. Nanaeru) is a guardian angel from the realm of the angels who is sent to earth to supervise and participate in the Queen's Blade tournament. She claims that she is "A messenger from Heaven who came to bring true order to the world,' but she is actually an angel dropout.


Originally a cheerful and friendly supervisor of Queen's Blade, Nanael was actually a mischievous, devious angel who wanted her own place with men as her servants and the women exiled. She often took advantages of people's kindness for her own goals.

Due to her mischief and foolish behavior, she was put on probation and exiled to the mortal world. She carries a vial of "Holy Milk," which she must not allow even one drop to be spilled or else she will be banished to Hell.

As an angel, she doesn't think highly of anything that lived on earth and think of them as lowly beings (even calling them stupid), which all angels were often taught to believe and follow. She can also seem clumsy at times, especially with her holy milk. Despite her generally friendly attitude and clumsy behavior, Nanael is a surprisingly skilled and powerful fighter. Her personal weapon is the Celestial Sabre, which she wields through Telekinesis.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

Nanael is confirmed as a playable party member. 

She returns in the rewritten version in Chapter 6. Early in the chapter, just after crossing the forest, she becomes a boss for the brigade. After fighting her and a follow-up boss after, she officially joins as a party member.

Her personality remains intact as she constantly chases men (including Kite, Kanata, Kanon, Axel, Yuri, etc.) and is hostile with other women. Among all the boys in the party, she's very attracted to Kanon though the latter doesn't care much about her and usually delivers sharp remarks in regards to her questionable status as "a messenger from Heaven who came to bring true order to the world" and her sexual approaches with men, much to the angel's annoyance. 

Her role, however, is not the same as her series, Queen's Blade.

Nanael is a Glass Cannon. Because she is an angel, she is incredibly strong. Her attacks consist of numerous one-hit attacks that are effective against Undead, Devils and enemies weak to Light element. She is capable of using telekinesis attacks and Light spells. Nanael is a good choice if players want to use full-frontal assaults.

However, she has a very poor defense and she is very vulnerable to Dark attacks and attacks that are high effective against Angels (in other words, vs. Angel attacks), which can kill her in an instant.

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  • Before Nanael's announcement, Tekkaman Blade was supposed to be a playable party member, but was replaced by Nanael due to development problems.
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