I was just winging it, but it looks like it mighta worked.
—Tales of Graces

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Neutral Good


Chapter 10

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Tales of Graces

Pascal is one of the protagonists of Tales of Graces. She's a friendly, helpful person who puts her best into everything. She also serves as a prodigy technician and tinkerer.

History Edit

Pascal is a member of the Amarcian race, a precursor race of Ephinia. A chance encounter with Asbel and Sophie leads her to helping them escape Barona. Happening upon some Amarcian ruins along the way, Pascal deals with her younger sister and begins to uncover the true nature behind Sophie's identity. She then permanently joins the group in order to find out the truth behind her.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Pascal is a party member who can first be found in Chapter 10, just outside the elf village in the Veryl Region. Talking to her reveals a cavern with information useful to Dark Magician Girl in the future. If you talk to her again after this meeting, she'll join up.

Pascal fights with a staff and uses Water and Ice magic. She can also use gun attacks and inflict Energy-type damage.