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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

The Prinnies are recurring beings in the Disgaea series. They are the reincarnation of sinners' souls, and one of Nippon Ichi's most identifiable characters.

A Prinny (プリニー , lit. Purinī) resembles a small, usually blue, pouch-wearing penguin with disproportionately small bat wings and two peg legs where feet would normally be. When tossed toward a certain target, it explodes like a bomb. A common trait of the prinnies is their upbeat attitude and frequent use of the word "dood" (constantly end their sentences with "-ssu" in the Japanese dialogue).


According to the first game of the series, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, when a human who has led a worthless life dies, the soul is sewn into the body of a prinny. After being reborn, the newly created prinny will serve as a soldier, slave, or servant in the Netherworld or Celestia until it has earned reincarnation, and leave its servitude in a ritual involving the Red Moon.

They usually appear in other games developed by Nippon Ichi such as Makai Kingdom and Phantom Brave.

Due to their popularity, the Prinnies get their own game such Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? where the main character is a Prinny, but it is referred to as Hero Prinny. Etna recruits him/her and 999 other Prinnies to find the ultimate sweet for her and gives one Prinny a special scarf that prevents that Prinny from being explode. The player controls one Prinny at a time with new Prinnies being given the scarf when the old Prinny is killed. Another game that stars a Prinny is Disgaea Infinite. The game involves a new Prinny who works at Laharl's Castle. After the "failed assassination" of Prince Laharl, all the Prinnies' salary gets cut and they are forced to work for free. However, Prinny finds a strange pocketwatch TickTock that has the ability to turn the Prinny into the Ghost Prinny and sends him to the past in order to change his fate.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

The Prinnies make their appearance in Rakenzarn. Like their game, they serve many people throughout the world and not limited to just demons.

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