The game's official walkthrough for Versions 1 and 2 whenever you're stuck at certain points in the game. You may add any additional information or alternate paths.

Beware as there are spoilers here, so if you wish not to be spoiled, don't read any further unless you're truly stuck.

Basic ControlsEdit

  • Movement: Arrow keys
  • Select/Action: Enter, Space, C 
  • Deselect/Menu: Esc, X

General TipsEdit

  • Check and double-check. You can find plenty of chests off the beaten path and some locations will even have new ones later in the game.
  • Experiment with your party. Each one plays in their own way and has unique skills. Proper party composition will go a long way in boss fights.
  • Consider seeds for your other party members. It might be tempting to give them all to Kyuu, but they can be useful to help the other survive. For example, HP-boosters for your mages and attack seeds for ones who could use a boost. Just make sure your choices makes sense and see which stats increase with level-ups to see if it's worth it. Check the level and stats guide for more info.
  • Make sure Kyuu keeps learning skills, even if you don't plan on using them. Doing so will earn Kyuu stat boosts that will significantly improve his overall combat effectiveness.
  • Many bosses have patterns or give away clues as to what they'll do next. Learning these is important to surviving.
  • This is more of a general walkthrough for those who want to explore and figure things out on their own. For a more in-depth look at solving the game's puzzles, check the puzzle guide or visit the Downloads page for a full illustrated guide. For the walkthrough for the latest version of the game, see Walkthrough (Version 3).

Chapter 0Edit

Untold Prologue


After watching the introduction cutscenes, you will find yourself in a dark space below a long staircase. Follow the stairs upward until you reach the top. Along the way, you will hear ominous voices.

Further up, you'll come across several crystals blocking the stairway. Each one will ask you a different question. How you answer determines not only your starting Alignment, but also your starting attributes.

Once you're at the top, watch the next cutscene and you'll be given your first choices. Talk to the two spirits (in form of lights) below you.

Left Spirit: Stamina, Dexterity, Agility or Intelligence.
Right Spirit: Stamina or Rune.

Take your pick as each answer will give the corresponding stat a boost. After talking to both spirits, a magic circle should appear. Approach it.

Afterwards, you'll be given another choice, this time choosing your first skills. Surrounding you are a series of crystals, each contains an element.

  • Fire
  • Ice 
  • Water
  • Thunder
  • Earth
  • Wind

Note: Depending on which element you choose here, you'll be given a different victory fanfare (such as Suikoden IV's fanfare and Tales of Vesperia's)

Densel Town

Welcome to Rakenzarn!

You are at the very first town and you should be able to recognize some of the characters in this scene.

New Recruit(s):

After the cutscene, you'll engage into the first battle against three Gobs. The battle is quite easy with Kite by your side. Kite's Tiger Claw skill can inflict damage to all Gobs, so use it. As for Kyuu, use any of the default skills that you've chosen in the beginning. It shouldn't be too difficult.

Watch the next scene and you'll engage in your very first boss fight with a new party member.

New Recruit(s):
-Dark Magician Girl

Boss Battle 1: Pete, Wario, and Waluigi

These guys can actually hit hard. Wario focuses on brute strength, Waluigi on magic, and Pete buffs their defenses. This is where you have to use your attacks differently, especially from the tutorial explaining about enemy weaknesses. Each enemy and some bosses have weaknesses against certain elements. This require different tactics.

Dark Magician Girl is very useful in this fight, cast Bufu on Waluigi and Zio on Wario. As for Kyuu and Kite, focus on Pete. Do this right and you should be able to win.

In the following cutscene, you'll learn more about Rakenzarn and the current state its in. Kite and Dark Magician Girl officially join you. You're free to roam around town as you like. Follow the path to the north from the restaurant you're in and you'll be at the town's center.

The center part of town has four paths:
- south leads you to the town gate and back at the local restaurant
- to the left is the Shopping District
- the right is the Knights' HQ
- north leads to the Guild District

Your destination is at the Guild District, so go north. Enter the Nutsy Guild, which is just across the district. Watch the next cutscenes and you'll finish the prologue.

Chapter 1Edit

A New Beginning

Densel Town

Once the introductions are finished, take some time to explore the guild. You can go around asking everyone about themselves and the book, but there are two places you ultimately have to go to continue onward. First, enter the door in the northeast corner of the guild's living room to fight Piccolo.

Rival Battle 1: Piccolo

Piccolo is a pretty tough customer at this point in the game and can take Kyuu down in just three hits. Keep an eye on your health and restore if need be. Magic works better than physical attacks, so adequate use of it will end this sooner. If you win, Kyuu will gain a stat boost.

Win or lose, the game continues with no change to the scene afterward. Next, you'll want to head upstairs. Enter the open door to meet a cloaked man who will ask you a few questions. When asked about why you're here, you'll experience the first of the game's Alignment choices.

After both of those, head back toward the guild's entrance and talk to Kite. More conversing ensues before Dark Magician Girl throws you into your first use of Detective Mode. This is the easiest one, on account of having unlimited tries, so pay attention and you'll wrap this one up. After that, it's time for another boss fight.

New Recruit(s):

Boss Battle 2: Stone Ogres

Luckily, you've only got to fight one of these suckers. It lacks an exploitable weakness, but can Silence party members with the Whisper attack, so keep an eye on your magic users. This fight works as a tutorial on the Soul Break feature. If you picked party members with three offensive ones, it should go down after using them or shortly after. Either way, wail on it and watch your HP until it's finished.

After another Alignment question, the chapter ends.

Chapter 2Edit

First Assignment

Densel Town

After watching a few cutscenes, Kyuu will be left alone until Knuckles the Echidna comes in. The echidna will comment on the boy's lack of combat experience and decides that he should help him by teaching him a few moves.

Once outside, Knuckles will explain how Soul Points work and engage in a light spar with him. Use your new Special Skill and whack him until the encounter ends. Afterward, you'll learn Fire Soul, an obvious fire spell.

After a few exchanges, Knuckles will give Kyuu some advice before he leaves. After which, Kyuu will be accepted into the guild and join a brigade. Watch the scenes that follow and come up with whatever name you like. Once you regain control, feel free to talk to your teammates before going to your room and hitting the hay.

Unfortunately, things go pear-shaped at this point. To escape, examine the doll, the note and the sword for the three keys and the clues you need to escape. The code you need to enter isn't difficult to figure out, depending on how you look at it. Once you've cracked it, head down the hallway and converse with the shadowy figure. You'll be back in the room, so reexamine the note to end this scenario and get back to your brigade room.

The next morn, you'll gain the ability to switch your party at will. New ability in hand, set up your party and see Piccolo in the guild's main room for your first assignment. Stock up on items and gear if need be, then exit via the south of town to auto-jump to your destination.

Blackwood Forest

Time for get adventuring. You'll see your first Heal Crystal and learn about those right off the bat. Head up. Those glowing dots are enemies, which will initiate combat should you touch them. You'll need a little cash and EXP if you want to survive, so pick a few fights with these weaklings to build your strength. Consider rotating between party members to see how each one fights and learn which ones you prefer.

This is ultimately a pretty straight forward area. Once you get past the first enemy room, take a left at the sign. The right path leads to a swamp you can explore later after you've gotten stronger. From there, just keep following the path until you get up and to the end. Be sure to look around and watch for any treasure chests to help you out. Upon reaching the top, it's time for a double boss battle.

Boss Battle 3: Direwolf

This boss has minions and isn't afraid to use them. He's also got fire spells and a nasty bite attack. As the Direwolf can summon new wolves to assist him, you'll want to take it out first. Feel free to throw in a few attacks that hit all foes to soften up the other wolves as well. Consider bringing Nina to this fight, as she can heal all party members at Level 8.

Boss Battle 4: Wario and Waluigi

Wario and Waluigi have beefed up since their previous fight. They lack their weaknesses from before and each comes with a new move. Wario has the Wario Knockdown to stun foes and Waluigi can silence with Whisper. Fortunately, you'll be fully healed before this fight. Focus on one of the two, depending on which you think is the biggest threat, and take them out before switching to the other.

Watch the last few scenes to close out this chapter.

Chapter 3Edit

The Poisoned Waters

Densel Town

The dawn of a fresh new day brings Luigi to visit the brigade, where he officially joins the party. Besides the ability to gain party members, Kyuu can now start training to learn new skills. Speak to Kanata, Noel and Sakura to get some stats and equipment, then head to the guild and speak to Judith to gain five Guild Quests.

At this point, your options are wide-open. You have party members to recruit and quests to undertake. The plot won't advance until you take the Bluelake Town quest concerning the Water Orb, so you've got plenty of time to grind levels and cash as need be. Be sure to visit the shops and view their new gear as well.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):

Donald is the easiest to recruit. Visit him in the guild's training room and you'll find he's looking for a pendant for Daisy. Agree to help him and find it somewhere in the guild to get him to join the party.

Daffy is a little harder. He's in the guild's lower level and needs some items to get out of debt. Agree to help and you'll need to provide 500 Gs, one Phoenix Down, one Ether and another 400 Gs. Once that's done, you'll have to help fight off his debtors before he'll join.

Ed, Edd and Eddy are a package deal. Once you've completed at least two Guild Quests, talk to Eddy in the guild hall and they'll all join the party.



Quest #1: Finding this herb is no biggie. It's near the entrance to Blackwood Forest. Just examine the base of the tree nearest the north exit of the first room with enemies.

Quest #2: Just clear out everything in the room. Dark magic seems to do good damage to these vermin. Just keep an eye on your health.

Quest #3: You'll need to have cleared at least two other quests to do this. After accepting this quest, talk to the other customers in the restaurant, then head outside to find a cryptogram. It's easier than it look, so just keep an eye for any obvious clues. After decoding the message, head to the nearby hideout and take out the kidnappers. They shouldn't be too tough. If you return to the hideout later, you can find some chests with items and seeds.

Quest #4: This one will give you trouble if you haven't leveled up since the forest. Once you've entered the theatre at night, it's time for a boss battle.

Optional Boss 1: Shocker

The Shocker definitely isn't the wimp he's associated with in his original media. He packs some hard-hitting attacks and can hit the whole party the more his health decreases. Consider using your Soul Breaks at this point to get it done with quicker. Stick with high-defense characters and sideline your mages for this, except Nina if you need her healing abilities. Defeating Shocker ends this quest.

Quest #5 is the one that progresses the story, so save it until you've done everything else you want to for this chapter.



  • Talk to Kanata to learn Bash, gain a sword and a stat boost.
  • Talk to Noel to gain a gun weapon and another stat boost.
  • Talk to Sakura to gain a fist weapon and more stats.
  • Talk to the hunter, Alex Hawk, in the center of Densel Town. Pay him some money for the Blackedge sword and a stat boost.
  • Talk to the Black Mage in the center of town and he'll teach you an all-enemy hitting version of your starting magic, as well as more stats.
  • At the Bluelake Town library, examine the book on the table to learn the Dek Corv skill.


When you're ready to progress the story, head to BlueLake Town in the northwest section of the map and enter the building at the far north. Talk to the guy at the counter to start the quest.

Some cutscenes and a bandit fight later, it's time to explore the Water Sanctuary. The theme here, as explained by a mage in the room to the right of where you start, is that the doors only open and close via the magic crystals. You'll want to head right first to get some early treasure, then back to the upper left door to find the crystal to open the blue door to progress.

This little maze isn't too hard to navigate. Take the right for more goodies, then head along the left path to reach the exit and a small warp for easier future access. Go down one level, then take the next door to reach a room with three hallways. The left one has a treasure, the right one has a clue and the middle will take you to the all-door opening crystal. There's a very easy puzzle to answer here, if you've been playing attention to the clue and theme of this place.

With all doors now open, head to the lowest level. Be sure to save, as another boss is waiting.

Boss 5: Buggy the Clown

You've got just Kyuu for this, but Buggy isn't terribly hard. He's got several attacks of varying strength, but they're all direct damage dealers. Like in One Piece, Buggy's power makes him immune to sword attacks, so either use magic or other types of weapons. Consider this guy a good field test of how well you've been building up Kyuu thus far.

Once Buggy is finished, set up your party again and head down for one last boss.

Boss 6: Blizzard Dragon

As you've deduced from the name, the Blizzard Dragon fights exclusively with ice attacks. Like any good ice monster, it has a weakness to fire, but can cast Red Wall to reduce damage. Once you've dealt sufficient to the beast, it'll go crazy and attack twice per turn, with one move always being the all-party hitting Glacial Crush. Naturally, fire magic users will serve you well. Daffy is also a possible choice, as his trick arrows can inflict extra damage. Nina or Donald is also recommended, especially in the later half of the fight. A full compliment of offensive Soul Breaks can finish it off in its last phase.

After that, the chapter is over.

Chapter 4Edit


Galimus Plains

Time to get back on your feet after that last fight. Your party is fully healed up, so change your party and re-equip as needed, because Kyuu has a solo boss fight as soon as you leave the cave.

Boss Battle 7: The Assassin

The Assassin is a step-up from your previous solo encounters, capable of Ice attacks and strong sword moves. Keep an eye on Kyuu's HP and either buff your own stats or weaken hers. If you win, you'll gain a good-sized stat boost, so it's worth the effort.

Win or lose, Kyuu's bacon will be saved by a new ally, who will leave as soon as he appears. The party will rejoin and you can head back to Bluelake Town to find things are under control. Meet with Goku for this chapter's goal and a new weapon, then head back to B3 of the Water Sanctuary to where you fought the Blizzard Dragon. You'll find an item called the Hollow Scripture. So for now, plod back to Densel Town.

Densel Town

Talk to Judith back at the guild and she'll hook you up with a letter from a man named Terrance, who conveniently invites you to his tower to help deal with the plague. As you've got no other leads, you can head there to progress the plot or undertake the new quests you've gotten.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):
-Dirk the Daring
-Axel Akamura

Mario and Sonic will automatically join the party after you've talked to Judith.

To gain Dirk's help, talk to him in the guild. If you admit you still need help, he will join the party.

Axel will automatically join late in the chapter, just before the area's final boss.



Quest #6 relies on gaining a randomly dropped item. Head to the Blackwood Forest and take a right at the fork in the road toward the swamp. Fight the Trogldyts until one drops it, then return to the client.

Quest #7 is where these get more involved. After meeting the client, head back to the forest and examine next to the waterfall. This leads to a booby-trapped room where you must navigate the spots furthest from stalagmites to proceed. Pack a few healing items in case you slip up too much. This is followed with a pair of word puzzles to solve. They refer to sound and death.

After the puzzles is a narrow bridge, where you need to slip by the lights to reach the other side. There are no penalties here, so you keep trying until you succeed. After that is the boss.

Optional Boss 2: Echo Guardian

The Guardian isn't nearly as bad as your previous bosses. He mainly uses Earth magic and can hit everyone with a weak Wind attack that causes silence. A strong physical attacking party can make short work of this guy. Ed is immune to Earth, so he's a good choice. Like most bosses, he'll whip out something stronger as he weakens, so finish him fast.

After this, the quest ends.

Quest #8 is another brain-buster. Both riddle answers are in Densel Town's central plaza, so if worst comes to worst, just examine everything until you find it.

Quest #9 is a doozy which will require a little time to complete. After accepting the assignment, talk to the staff to learn something's going down in Densel Town's sewers.

In the sewers, you'll meet some gals named Liana and Carol apparently investigating the same thing and join forces. The first task to to take out the Black Scar members in the next room. Once they're all down, talk to Liana for the next room. Sneak past the guards and examine one of the downed ones for the key you need.

When you get to a room with Liana waiting in front of the door before you, prep the party for a several fight ambush. After this, the true mastermind of this problem will reveal themselves and Carol will be taken hostage.

Optional Boss 3: Zander

What makes Zander dangerous is his using Carol as a human shield. Focus on single-enemy attacks and make sure you're aiming at him. He may taunt you to take an attack, but the first option to usually works. Once he's weakened enough, Liana will free Carol and you can unload on him.

Zander will flee, but with Kyuu revealing he's learned Liana and Carol are really there to nab their client's daughter, you have a big choice to make. It will not only push your Alignment, it will determine if the girls will aid you in the future and, if you oppose them by going Lawful, a boss fight.

Optional Boss 4: Liana and Carol

The girls can certainly hold their own. Carol is a straight-forward attacker while Liana can heal and use Water magic. Focus on one of them and they'll retreat once their HP drops.

Either way, the quest ends after you make your choice and its consequences.

Quest #10 can take a little time, but isn't so bad aside from random encounters. In Kolinia Forest late at night, just nab the butterflies floating around until you get the requested amount. You can respawn them by reentering an area, so you may need to do this a few times to get them to show.



  • If you've hit Level 15, the mage who taught your magic spell earlier will teach you Energa and boost your stats.


Once you've done all you care to, it's time to plod onward toward the plot. In Kolinia Forest, south-west of Silvurd Town, take the western path and follow it to the end to find Terrance's Tower. The beasties are a step up from the previous random encounters, so watch your HP. Once you find the tower, you've got some more puzzle solving to do. The door puzzle is solvable with some guess-and-check, but you'll need some critical thinking to figure which two torches in the flame puzzle to extinguish. Make it past those and you've got a boss.

Boss Battle 8: Crimson Scorp

This giant scorpion boss fights with claws, a poisonous stinger and flame attacks. Like most bosses, he'll attack all party members more frequently as its health drops. He shouldn't be a challenge for a reasonably strong party. For extra damage, Daffy's trick arrows work well. Mario's fire immunity makes him a reasonable choice as well.

Once the boss is down, head up and meet Terrance to learn of your next objective. Now you'll need to return to the fork near the entrance of the woods and take the southern entrance. The foes are no more dangerous than the previous path. At the end, examine the door for another boss fight.

Boss Battle 9: Electro

Naturally, Electro attacks mainly with Thunder element attacks. His attacks mostly strike one party member, but he can attack all of them. Elemental attacks except for Water aren't as effective, so consider a party heavy on physical attacks. Luigi's invulnerability to Thunder makes him a valuable asset. Once his health hits 30%, he'll power up and attack more frequently, so use your Soul Breaks at this point.

After this fight, Axel joins the party. Patch yourself up and finish off any last business, then enter the door for the chapter's final boss.

Boss Battle 10: Dragon Pete

Pete is a strong and varied foe here. He has impressive physical strength, as well as Dragon Breath for a fire attack and the ability to silence the party with Whispering Doom. As he weakens, he uses Red Flare for an all-hitting fire attack. When his HP drains, he'll revert back to normal temporarily. He'll quickly change back and spam Red Flare if the party can't defeat him in his normal state.

Focusing on buffing your party as Pete shows signs of weakening, then unload your strongest attacks just before and when he's changed back to normal. If done just right, he can be taken out then and end the fight early.

After Pete is defeated, the chapter ends.

Chapter 5Edit

Strange Reunion

Kyuu's Home

This chapter is primarily talking. After Kyuu assesses what's going on, someone will be at the door. Choosing to answer it will reveal Megumi is there and will open the option of dating her later in the game. Afterward, you have the option of returning into Rakenzarn or not. This one should be a no-brainer.

Blackwood Forest

Suddenly, boss out of nowhere!

Boss Battle 11: Harqs

Compared to the last two bosses, Harqs shouldn't be too hard. He fights with Fire and Ice attacks, so if Kyuu has a Molten Shield equipped, he'll have some protection. Just keep buffed and watch your HP. Winning will give you a nice stat boost.

With Harqs down for now, Kyuu rejoins the brigade and ends the chapter.

Chapter 6Edit

Bad Blood

Densel Town

Reunited and it feels so good. Goku will explain your new objective to free Da'fur Region from the plague and Tails will give you your new best friend: the DS Teleporter 3. With this, you can teleport anywhere you've been before once you've found the corresponding crystal to activate it. All of the current region is already available, so feel free to use it for the quests.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):
-Yuri Lowell
-Yuffie Kisaragi

-Konoka Konoe
-Setsuna Sakurazaki
-Nodoka Miyazaki
-Knuckles the Echidna

Tails is the first party member whose recruitment depends on your alignment. If playing as Chaotic, he won't join. As Lawful or Neutral, he'll join after giving you the DS Teleport 3.

Felicia is hiding out in Bluelake Town's theater with plans to spruce it up for a performance. If you talk to her twice, she'll agree to join if Kyuu can dance with her. It's a button-pressing minigame with three rounds. You have unlimited tries, so you can keep at it until you get her.

Tomba is hiding out at the Regional Border. If you purchased a ham from the restaurant before coming, he'll appear to drive off a creature attracted to the meat. Give it to him as thanks. After that meeting, he'll be at the entrance to Kolinia Woods. Talk to him there to have him join.

Naneal will automatically join the party at Riveras Town.

Yuri joins after meeting with Riveras Town's mayor, but only if you are of Neutral alignment.

Atossa is hanging out in one of the rooms in Riveras Town's inn. Talk to her twice and she'll ask a series of questions based on your alignment. Impress her and she'll join. You've only got one shot, but you can reload and try again if you fail.

Yuffie is found east of the Elf Village. Encounter the blue light to fight her and give the appropriate responses to her questions.

Nodoka, Setsuna and Konoka will automatically join after you gain Support card use.

After gaining Support Cards, Viki will join after you step out if the inn in Riveras Village.

Goofy is in the Riveras Village armory. If Donald is in the active party, he'll join up.

Knuckles is near the north Riveras Town exit. Talk to him to recruit him.

Finn and Jake are in Riveras Town's inn. Talk to them after completing 15 Guild Quests to recruit them.



Quest #11 is pretty simple. Talk to the client to get the letter, then talk to her easily-identifiable husband for the return letter once you make it to Riveras Town, then teleport back and deliver the response.

Quest #13 is a basic collection quest. You might even have the necessary ores already. If not, just keep reentering and leaving the area before the poison fog to respawn the Plant Spiders you need to fight.

Quest #14 is a boss fight, introducing the concept of wandering boss encounters. Look for the blue light in the southern most part of Blissing Forest to fight this guy.

Optional Boss 5: Yian Garunga

This bugger can use fire attacks, bites hard and can strike the entire party at once. Just watch your HP and keep buffed to whittle it down.

Quest #15 sends you back through Kolina Woods. Head to the southern section and you'll soon the find the rabbit past the lack. Should you return to the wood's entrance after finding it, you'll find a dog and an Alignment choice with it.

Quest #17 is another boss fight. Head into Blackwood Forest where you first encountered a dragon to find your target.

Optional Boss 6: Wind Dragon

This guy's got wind attacks to spare, as well as a high defense. Debuff it and use Thunder for extra damage.

Quest #18 is back to riddle solving. The starting point is easy-peasy to figure out. When you examine it, figure out the word that uses all the letters for the next clue, hidden within your current location.

Quest #20 is an introduction to the fishing option. It's really just a game of luck, but you can sell fish to recoup your losses.

Quest #21: You'll get this quest if you stay at Riveras Village inn after completing at least eight quests. The castle is located north of the foggy area that reduces attack power. Talk to everyone there, then head back to Riveras Village and buy a badge. This is the Lawful entry, but you can swap it with a legitimate badge from a nearby guard to go Chaotic. Either, use the badge to bluff your way inside.

Inside, head to the second floor and talk to the guard with the platoon. She'll let you guard the princess if you can pass her tests. The first is an endurance battle. For the second, head to the first floor and head to the northwest corner for the item you need. Head to the third floor, watch the scene with another Alignment choice and get ready to finish with a boss.

Optional Boss 7: Doom Incarnation

This guy uses Dark magic and physical attacks. Stick with physical attacks as he has a high magic defense. Kanon is a good choice for this guy.



  • Talk to the magician in Silvurd Town. Pay her to learn the Ap Corv spell and get a stat boost.
  • Talk to Kanata for a Soul Ryze.
  • Talk to Piccolo for a stat boost. Talk to him again and defeat Piccolo in a duel to gain a gauntlet weapon.
  • Talk to the old man near the entrance to Riveras Town once you have five Support Cards to gain a spear weapon.
  • Pay Alex Hawk 1400 G in Riveras Town to boost your stats and get a twin blade.

Rival Boss 3: Piccolo Redux

It's another solo battle with Kyuu and Piccolo is a lot stronger than last time. He'll also pull out several special attacks with Energy element for more damage. Keep an eye on your own HP and buffs to pull through. Winning earns you the Demonic Gauntlet.



The first Hidden Den is Galimus Plains can now be used. Even if you opened the door to it earlier, you wouldn't have had the party members to use it. You can gain the items from the crystals for Tomba and Knuckles once you've recruited them, but the last will have to wait until after the Adventures in Equestria sidequest.


When you're ready to ship out, head toward the north end of the map to enter the Regional Border. Take a right at the crossroads there to reach Da'fur Region.

Da'fur Region

Welcome to the new region. Hop into the nearby woods.

Blissing Woods

There's a shop here, as well as a fellow who will give you some Antidotes for the trip ahead. Your ultimate goal is to head north, but you can find lots of goodies off to the side. Many of the enemies here share a fire vulnerability, so use that to pick 'em off fast.

The second section of this area is coated with poison fog. Not only does it inflict Venom status and drain HP. as you walk, it slows you down to boot! Consider avoiding encounters and temporarily using high HP party members until you get to the other side. Keep an eye out for a path to the left leading to a fairy. Give her an Elixir for a reward later. Eventually, you'll hit a double boss battle.

Boss Battle 12: Naneal

Naneal hits with sword strikes and light attacks. She doesn't have many all-party hitting moves compared to most bosses, so that's a slight reprieve. As long as you keep the pressure on, you can come out on top. Dark magic inflicts extra damage on her.

Boss Battle 13: Shadow Wind

Just defend for the first phase. You'll get a full heal for the second.

As the name implies, this one is all about wind moves. Party members weak to magic will be a disadvantage here. Fortunately, he has lower defense stats compared to previous foes, so he'll go down a bit easier from an assault.

Riveras Town

Lots of new faces here. First, head to the inn in the eastern half of town to meet up with the rest of the students and get acquainted with them. Next, you'll need to head to the mayor's house. He'll explain you need to find the elf village and grants you permission to leave town. Head back to the inn and talk to Axel, so your party can form a plan. You also gain access to Summon cards at this point. After that, talk to one of the staff with Daffy or Naneal to gain access to the room where a traveler was was staying for clues and armor. Restock and ready yourself as needed, then head to the northern part of the forest.

Blissing Woods

The north path is blocked by a regenerating tree, so head east for your next boss.

Boss Battle 14: Pellaidh

This guy's kinda weak compared to the last few foes. Fire is a good choice if you wanna finish it fast, but he and his cohorts will go down pretty easy.

Continue heading east. Pack a party of magic users, as the next foggy area saps physical strength. Plod south from there to find a fog free area. Using the clues you got from the traveler's room, find the out of place trees and go from there to find the village. Before you enter, you'll have an Alignment choice to make.

Elf Village

Kyuu, master of disguise, needs to gather information. Talk to the villagers to learn about the prisoners you need to free. After you've talked to enough people to get a reaction out of Kyuu, enter the captain's house on the east side of town to find his uniform. Now equipped with this, Kyuu can infiltrate the prison compound.

The compound is a big place, but it's pretty devoid of enemies, so you can make a clean break for the bottom. Save once you reach the Heal Crystal as the boss hits in the next room.

Boss Battle 15: Alleyne and Nowa

These two are primarily physical hitters, but can use Earth and Wind elements, respectively. Both are vulnerable to their opposing element, so hit Alleyne with Wind and Nowa with Earth for more damage. Concentrate on one at a time to take them down fast.

After this, your current problem will be superseded with a new problem, so it's time to fight your way back. There are a lot of enemies here, so you may gain a level or two if you're diligent about fighting. Either way, make your way up top and save before heading out of the prison for the last boss of this area.

Boss Battle 16: Bowser

The King of the Koopas is a formidable foe. He uses Molten Breath to hit all with fire damage and can absorb fire attacks as well. Watch your HP and heal after every Molten Breath move. Weapon-based attacks will do the most damage to him.

This will bring the chapter to a close.

Chapter 7Edit

Lost Relics

Elf Village

Now that being killed is no longer a serious problem, you have a new quest in the hunting of three relics. Search for the crystal near the north end of town to register the village for teleportation.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):
-Negi Springfield
-Cain Argol
-Asuna Kagurazaka

Negi automatically joins the party at the start of the chapter.

Maxwell is hanging around Riveras Village. Talk to him and help him gather information from the villagers. After that, talk to him again to offer to have him join.

Cain Argol can join after completing the "The Twin-Headed Snake" quest. He won't sign up if you're of Chaotic Alignment.

If you helped the fairy out in Chapter 6, Link can be found near where the Shadow Wind was fought. Talk to him to recruit him.

Mitsuba can be found in Evergreen Town. Talk to a guy near the entrance who'll ask you to deal with her, then beat her in a duel. Let her go and she'll appear at Riveras Town. She'll reward you if Lawful and join you in you're Neutral or Chaotic Alignment.

Asuna will automatically join after meeting with the elf elder after gathering all three relics.



Quest #12 is in Evergreen Town's pet daycare. Talk to Fabled Grimro to gain this quest. The rabbit is near the church in the northern half of town, the monkey must be bought from a woman in the southern part and the Chocobo must be fought for near the Morning Glory guild.

Quest #22: Head left at the entrance to the Verloren Maze to find the Aarde Cavern where the beast lurks. Follow the straight-forward path to its end. You'll have a boss fight on your hands.

Optional Boss 8: Cain Argol

Cain attacks with slash attacks and ice element moves. He's weak to fire and poison, so use those against them. He'll heal once during combat, so watch for that.

Cain will temporarily join the party for the next boss.

Optional Boss 9: Amphisbaena

This guy has - what else? - fire and poison attacks, as well as biting moves. Keep an eye on Cain and buff yourself. Ice deals a little extra damage to him.

This ends the quest. You can offer to have Cain join at this point as well.

Quest #23: After receiving this quest, head east of Evergreen Town to find the inn. At night, examine the well, the potted plants, the fireplace, the doll, the window and the table twice to get the clues you need. Now you need to confront the innkeeper. Ask about all that is possible and don't forget you have a guest list to use as well.

Eventually, he'll flee. Pursue him downstairs. The enemies down here will poison, so keep your Antidotes at the ready. There's no treasure in the small maze, so you can zip to the bottom left. If you examined the table twice from earlier, you'll have found the clue you needed to unscramble to open the door. Heal and save for the boss.

Optional Boss 10: Great Moth

This beast uses Thunder and Earth and can drop your stats. It also has a Wind weakness. Keep an eye on your stats and whack on it. If you can handle the enemies earlier, you can handle this.

Quest #24: You can't complete this one until Chapter 9. Once you can get to Hinode Village, talk to the kid at the shrine, then talk to the nearby priestess with either Yuffie or Nina in the party. Talk to the guy again to complete it.

Quest #25: The hen is just south of Riveras Village. Get Kyuu's AGI stat to 200 and you'll nab her easily.

Quest #28: Talk to Miku at the Striking Star guild to get this quest, then head into the eastern half of Blackwood Forest.

Optional Boss 11: Metallia

You'll need to use physical attacks, as Metallia resists magic. As she weakens, she'll use stronger spells that hit all party members.



  • This is the earliest point you can have completed 20 quests and reached Level 25. If so, talk to Piccolo for another training session.

Rival Boss 4: Piccolo Round 3

The goal here isn't to win, but to last 15 rounds. If you have the best armor and shield at this point and throw in Jake's Support Card if you really want to be sure, Piccolo can't even touch you. If your gear isn't quite up to snuff, you can debuff him and defend until the end.

Winning gets the Rush Strike move.


To continue your quest, hit up the Blissing Forest.

Blissing Woods

Head back to the poisonous area south of Riveras Town and hug the top area near the first southern bend to find the portal you need. This is a fairly straightforward area and you'll have to fight a number of foes along the way. Once you reach the Heal Crystal, the boss is in the next area.

Boss Battle 17: Harpie Ladies

The Harpies are unique in that all three count as a single foe, but get three attacks one after the other. They resist a number of elements as well. Daffy's "Watch the birdie!" special works well on them. If you keep the pressure up, the girls will eventually weaken and attack less per turn.

Talk to the girls and they'll ask you for a little help with their pet. Enter the southern cave to meet this problem.

Boss Battle 18: Harpies' Pet Dragon

This guy packs a nasty bite and has a huge physical defense. He's vulnerable to Light and Dark attacks, so Kanon, Noel, Dark Magician Girl and Naneal are all good choices to inflict magic damage.

You'll get the region's Dark Key from this boss. Head back out and east to meet the relic guardian. She'll pose a puzzle for you, which is pretty easy to answer if you know what the big bright thing outside your window is. Relic in hand, you can now head north of Riveras Town and north past the bridge to the Verloren Maze.

Verloren Maze

You need a mage in your party for this area and you can't switch while in there, so make sure you're all set before you step in. This place is really very easy. Just head north three times for a quick fight and to reach the next area.

The next area is another complicated maze with a solution that's simpler than you'd think. Just head as far north as you can without walking off-screen at any point. The exit there leads to a save point and the boss.

Boss Battle 19: Whispy Woods

Whispy will give himself a random defensive buff at the start of the fight. He's not nearly as hard as the previous foes, though. His attacks and pattern will vary based on your Alignment, so be prepared for a wide variety of magic buffs and debuffs.

This concludes your business here, so the next stop is EverGreen Town.

EverGreen Town

Your first stop is the west side of town to visit the Knight's Headquarters. A small cutscene will play and you can ask the receptionist for clues about the catacombs. Afterwards, head to the northern part of town for another cutscene and an Alignment choice.

Between the HQ and talking with citizens, you'll probably deduce that you need to go to the graveyard. Head there at nighttime and examine the tombstone surrounded by flowers. Hit all three switches on it, saving the left one for last, to open the catacombs.

You'll gain a new helper, Sayo, for this local. Head north and you'll have a small puzzle room to solve. Knocking will alternate between one of three open door sets, so you can rotate until you reach your goal in the bottom right corner of the room. There's a switch in the following area that opens all the paths, so you can use that to skip having to do extra work for the preceding room's chest.

After going down a bit, you'll find a word puzzle like from the previous riddle guild quests. Hit up the thesaurus for a four letter word for the place you're in, then continue on until you hit a boss...or something resembling one.

Boss(?) Battle 20: Samuel

Samuel would've been tough at the start of the game, but he's pretty weak compared to your party and will actually drop in defense as the fight goes on. Just whack him.

With Samuel out of the way, keep going deeper and you'll find a new puzzle. Do a bit of exploring to the sides and you'll soon find three emblems hidden in the nearby chests and on one of the walls. Place them in their respective slots using the clue from the nearby skeleton and you can proceed to a Recovery Crystal and the boss of this relic.

Boss Battle 21: Minotaur

The Minotaur is a physical attacker who can weaken your defense and uses Fire spells. He also has a high physical defense, but magic, especially Ice, can do some harm. When he prompts an alignment choice mid-fight, keep in mind your answer will also determine the boost your party gets. He will strengthen either way, so be ready.

With all three relics down, return to the Elf Village and talk to the Elder to begin a series of events where Asuna joins the party and an old enemy returns.

Boss Battle 22: The Assassin Redux

You've got your party this time, but the Assassin isn't holding back either. She still uses Ice and Sword attacks, but throws in some Fire moves as well. When she tries to taunt you, keep calm to unnerve her.

After beating her, the chapter will end.

Chapter 8Edit

The Tower

Watch the cutscenes and learns of Kyuu's plan, do any prep work and equipping you need, then talk to Alleyne to warp to the next location.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):

Cornell is hiding down a right-hand path in the Dread Mountains. Talk to him once and leave, then talk to him again with Mario and Link in the party and ask "Tell me..." to have him join.

Toriko will automatically join during the events of Zairu Forest, but only for a short time.



The second Hidden Den is just past where you fight Zazz and Bowyer and can be accessed after beating them. You can get Daffy and Cornell's items, but the last will have to wait until Chapter 9.


Dread Mountains

You'll now be in control of Kite. Pick a party, then take a left at the fork in the road. The enemies here aren't too bad, but the infinite respawing trees now roam the area so watch out for those. Also, keep an eye out for a side path you can find Cornell down. When you get to the end, you'll have a chance to heal and switch your party before the first of three bosses.

Boss Battle 23: Zazz

You may or may not have fought this guy, but either way, he comes with Earth magic and a variety of physical attacks. He lacks any buffing techniques, so weaken him early on and use a bit of magic to overcome his evasion.

Boss Battle 24: Bowyer

Axel and his party take over here. Bowyer attacks with various arrow techniques and Thunder magic. He'll also fully heal early on, so don't unload your strongest moves until after that. When he threatens to go all-out, buff your defense for his Static Wave attack.

Boss Battle 25: The Corroder

Now it's Kyuu's turn. The Corroder uses poison inflicting moves as well as water attacks. Thunder moves will deal heavy damage to him. He'll start trying to mock you, so give him a nasty glare in order to undermine his attempts.

After all this, you'll finally regroup. Head south for a teleportation terminal and then head north to the fork and take a right for the Zairu Forest.

Zairu Forest

The foggy place has many spirit foes and ones with high evasion, so a wide-range of magic users will be best to take them down quickly. Make your way through and nab some treasure. Eventually, an northern path will grace you with an encounter and an Alignment choice. Either way, the day is saved by new temporary party member Toriko. He'll cut out after this section anyway, but how you accept it will also affect your Alignment.

You now have to go down the left and right paths. The left path requires Kyuu to face a unique scenario based upon his alignment before a small enemy gauntlet. The right path is a maze like in Verloren. Go right, up, right, left, up and right to reach the end. Once both are done and you're prepared, touch the stone slab to find the lost tower.

Lost Tower

From here on, it's a long boss rush to the final foe of this location, starting with...

Boss Battle 26: Hunter Cross Brigade

Samuel is back and he brought his party with him. Buff your party and focus on one member at a time. Hugen can buff his allies, so he's a good choice to start with. Once Samuel takes a certain amount of damage, he'll fully recover and buff his party, so watch for that.

Bowser's subordinates will arrive now, so you have another Alignment choice as to the fate of the foes you just beat. Regardless, back-up arrives and you're in the tower. However, Sonic and Toriko will leave the party for the duration of the chapter. Rework your party if needed, patch up and start climbing. After each floor is a boss.

Boss Battle 27: Koopalings Part 1

Half the Koopalings are here to fight. They have a shared weakness to Wind, so use that against them. Lemmy has a higher Evasion stat than the rest, so focus on magic attacks for him.

Boss Battle 28: Komodo Brothers

Like the Harpy Sisters, these guys can attack twice in a row and have Wind spells. Keep up your defense and heal as needed.

Boss Battle 29: Koopalings Part 2

Bowser Jr. leads the other half of the Koopalings. They mostly use fire attacks while Iggy and Ludwig can buff. Take those two out first to make the fight easier.

Boss Battle 30: Corroder Redux

Corroder has gotten stronger since the last fight, but he's more or less the same beyond that. Follow the same strategy as last time to come out on top.

Boss Battle 31: Megavolt

Megavolt plays out much like Electro, able to absorb Thunder and focusing mostly on using attacks of that element. Chaos magic seems to work well against him.

Finally, you'll reach the top. Save and patch up, then prepare for one last match with Bowser.

Boss Battle 32: Cat Bowser

While not his most intimidating form, Bowser is still stronger than last time. He's got fire moves to spare, buffs for him and debuffs for you. After taking enough damage, he produce two weaker copies to aid him. Watch out for a Power Charge, as he'll use World Shaker to attack the whole party. Focus on the original Bowser and the copies will fall with him.

With Bowser defeated, the plague is dispelled and the region is finally safe, ending the chapter.

Adventures in Equestria Act 1Edit

Unexpected Company

Adventures in Equestria is a side arc that can be accessed as soon as Lily is recruited in Chapter 9. While it is not essential to completing the game, doing this arc gains you up to three new party members, as well as a slew of support members. Besides, you want everything, don't you?

Blissing Forest

With Lily's Support Card equipped to Kyuu, head to the southern part of the Blissing Forest, just at the point where the formerly poisoned area was. Head west to the lake, then enter the open hole at the northwest section. Touch the slab to enter a new area.

Everfree Forest

Head south to the forest entrance to meet Derpy Hooves. She'll join your party until you reach town. The monsters are a step up from the Zairu Forest, so have a good party ready to good. At the fork in the road, head west until you reach town.


Derpy will leave. You can either visit her for some quests or see Twilight to advance the plot. You can also use the DS Teleport 3 again, so you can leave if you need to change your Alignment or pick up some things.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):
-Twilight Sparkle
-Derpy Hooves

-Pinkie Pie
-Rainbow Dash

Twilight will automatically join the party during this arc.

Derpy can be recruited if you complete the two new quests for this area.

After completing Act 1, talk to Applejack at her farm. If Kyuu's Alignment is Lawful, she'll join up.

Pinkie Pie will join when Twilight does.

After you fight the transformed Rainbow Dash, she'll join up.



Quest #1: The gems you need are an enemy drop. Lupos Wolves in the night of Zairu Forest will always drop these, and the Mad Ladies from Cain's first quest can also drop them.

Quest #2: This one is more complicated. Talk to Sweetie Drops in the center of town, then head into Lyra's house. Examine the picture with Lily equipped to Kyuu, get into the abandoned house at the east of town and examine everything you can and talk to the citizens. When Kyuu says he's figured it out, talk to Sweetie to set a sequence of events until you hit a boss.

Optional Boss 1: Scrapper Golem

The Echo Guardian got a paint job. Either way, it packs a physical punch and uses Earth moves. Drain its HP enough and it will summon three magic orbs that will keep it alive. Take out the orbs, using magic as they're a bit agile, and the guardian will fall.

After this, the quest will end.



The last Hidden Den is near Zecora's house. There are items for Mario and Asuna there you can get. Depending on when you do this quest and your choices, you can also get an item using Suki.


When you're ready to progress the story, head south to the library to meet Twilight. She'll advise you meet with her friends, so visit Fluttershy to the west of town, Applejack to the east and Rarity in her house in town. After all of that, revisit Twilight. She'll suggest visiting her other friend Zecora and both she and Pinkie will join the party.

Head back north, then go east at the fork in the path you passed earlier. Follow the path to Zecora's hut and examine the desk. After hearing something, head outside and talk to Rainbow Dash. She'll turn into a monster, so you'll have to fight her off. Light magic seems to work well.

Rainbow Dash will be fine, but this problem has hit all of Ponyville. Go around town and take out all the monsters. You can return to the library and talk to Fluttershy for a free healing as needed. Once Kyuu declares Ponyville free of monsters, head to the north entrance to fight the boss.

Boss 1: Hydra

Like the Harpy Sisters, the Hydra attacks multiple times due to its four heads. Besides physical attacks, it can also use Fire and Thunder moves. Unlike the harpies, each head is a separate target and taking them out will reduce the number of attacks each turn. The main body is also an individual target and killing it will take down the Hydra. Either concentrate on one target at a time and chip them all down with multiple enemy attacks.

After that, the chapter is over.

Chapter 9Edit

Madness Syndrome

Densel Town

Back home. Nowa officially joins the party while Toriko leaves. Go upstairs and talk to Kite, then go talk to him in his room to learn about the Coalition and their plans. After the initial conversation, talk to Kite again and ask him all three questions to learn more. An Alignment choice will follow. The plot won't progress until Kyuu takes a nap in his room, so feel free to do some sidequests or start on the Equestria side arc.

Once Kyuu has had his nap, a cutscene plays, then you can pick your choice of three different scenes. They don't have any effect on the plot, so pick the one that sounds most amusing.

The scene that follows is a bit more serious, as you need to deal with the Morning Glory Guild and their latest action.

  • If you choose to not go after them, you'll gain the Lawful alignment and the Razor Rush move.
  • If you choose to confront them, that's a Chaotic option. Samuel appears here and will react based on how you treated him at the Tower. Either way, you'll meet Risty and gain some items for your trouble.

Back in Densel Town, there's another situation to deal with as the Kandur crisis puts a life in danger. You need to head to Blackwood Forest.

Blackwood Forest

Reach the area of the Plague Core door and get ready for a boss.

Boss Battle 33: Tayuya

Tayuya attacks with Wind and Water (she can absorb the former). After you drain her HP once, she'll recover and start summoning demons to aid her. The first one is a physical attacker, the second debuffs and attacks everyone and the third is fire elemental. She'll also recover once more when her HP is drained. She'll eventually start talking, so choose the top conversation option to weaken her.

Once you beat her, head back to Densel Town and talk to Nina in the brigade's home. You'll now have access to two choices into Kandur: the Knight's HQ or the Suiseki Valley. This is a good time to do recruiting and handle the new sidequests.


Party Members

New Recruit(s):
-Mana Tatsumiya
-Reiko Hinomoto


Nowa auto-joins at the start of the chapter.

Mana can join if you talk to her anytime after meeting Naegi. Kyuu must be at Level 25 and pay her 9000 Gs.

Reiko is Nesfor, located in the Da'fur region. Watch her match in the arena, then talk to her outside. If you're at Level 25 and completed at least 20 Quests, you can accept her Quest and recruit her.

Naruto will automatically join if you take the Knight's HQ route into Kandur.

Lilith will encounter the party during the Suiseki Valley route. If you talk to her again after this meeting, she'll join the group.

Autolycus can be found in the Suiseki Valley. When you first enter its open field area, head all the way to the left to find a bandit camp. You'll get an Alignment choice, but you ultimately will leave them alone as another person runs out. You'll then find the bandits anyway back on the path. Later, after meeting Lilith, examine the treasure chests and talk to the person who ran from the camp earlier, who is Autolycus. You'll get cash if of Lawful alignment and he'll join the party as Neural or Chaotic.

Lily is where you found her in the Blissing Forest in Chapter 6 if you healed her earlier. If you recruited Link, you can offer to have her join.

Ashley is in a hut in the southern part of Blissing Forest, east from the lake. Talk to her, then examine the table with Dark Magician Girl in the party. Talk to Ashley twice more: once after viewing the table and again after the event that results from that. Walk out of the house. She'll appear at the brigade's home after fighting Tayuya, so talk to her there to recruit her.

Leonardo joins automatically if you get into Kandur via the Knights route.

Suki and Carol will join after the "Behind the Facade" quest if you allied with them in the "Stolen Money" quest.

Metallia will offer you a pair of quests in this chapter if you finished Quest #28. Complete them both and she'll sign on.



Quest #16: Talk to Goofy to learn about this one. Head north of Riveras Village and take the now-accessible northwest exit deeper in. Follow the path, fighting both Black Scar grunts and Morning Glory fighters until you reach the end.

Optional Boss 12: Earth Maiden

This lady absorbs Earth and Light, as is fitting for a plant creature, and is weak to Wind. She'll talk to you twice during the fight. Either answer during the first conversation will help. Say you have no limits during the second to weaken her.

You'll have an Alignment choice here regarding if the bandits should stay or go. Once you've made your pick, the quest ends.

Quest #26: Talk to Axel to learn of this quest. Go to Evergreen Town at night, then examine the tombstone the ghost wolf is viewing. Follow it through the maze until you reach the end. As you leave, you'll have a boss to fight.

Optional Boss 13: Phantom Leader and Squad

You'll first fight four goons, the leader, then all of them at once. They primarily use Dark magic and sword strikes. Cornell is recommended for his Transformation skill and Dark immunity.

Quest #27: Talk to Cain at the Striking Star guild if you recruited him. Head back to Zairu Forest and the Lost Tower. Head up for a cutscene and short fight, then keep ascending until you hit new territory. In the large room, head north until you reach a shut door, then examine the writing with a magic user in the party. This will tell you the order of elemental weaknesses for the tower's orbs.

With this knowledge, load up on lances from the nearby chest and impale the three orbs to open the door. There's another door with the same mechanism, which requires you to use the three elements you didn't use for the previous door. The last door will require all six in a specific order. After that is a boss.

Optional Boss 14: Spade Wyvern

This beast uses Ice and Wind while absorbing the same. Keep your buffs up and wail on it. Once it heals, it will use even more powerful attacks.

Quest #29: Talk to Metallia for this quest. You'll need to have done or be doing Cain's quest to reopen the tower first. Have Lily's support card equipped to Kyuu and explore the first orb room. You'll find a hidden chamber with the item you need. Return with it to Metallia to end this.

Quest #32: Another quest from Metallia. You'll need access to Ponyville in Equestria and Kandur's Hinode Village to complete this. Examine the bookshelves and talk to the warrior monks at the respective locations to get the items you need.

Quest #34: After viewing Reiko's wrestling match in Nesfor, talk to her after completing 20 quests at Level 25 or higher. Win the following 2 vs. 2 matches to complete this.

Quest #35: Once you've gotten this quest from Goofy, the client is right outside the guild. Go to the countess' mansion east of Nesfor and talk to the guards. A cutscene plays and Carol shows you an entrance in through the cemetery. Pack some magic users for the guards here.

Head all the way to the left and watch the scene, then go upstairs and head left. Examine the first door, then go into the library and fight the guard for the key. Return to and enter the locked room. Bonk some guards and then you'll have a boss.

Optional Boss 15: Liana

Liana can dodge, use Water and poison. She can also Bind your party, but only the female members, so an all-male party will have an edge. Eventually, a pair of guards will aid her. Defeat the guards to end the fight.

With Liana down, return to the library and examine the books, then head to the right and input the code based on what word you can make from them. Return to the room. You'll get a weapon, but only if you stood against the girls in the Stolen Money quest.

Now, head to the basement. Examine the sparkling spot and answer its riddle, which are those things you just read. Follow the path. Depending on your choice in the Stolen Money quest, you'll face one of two bosses.

Optional Boss 16: Ghura and Zaathr

These two fight physically at first. When one is beaten, the other will power up. Ghura focuses on stat reduction and electric attacks while Zaathar can poison. If they buff or defend, it means they're going to use their Soul Break.

Optional Boss 17: Rivka

Rivka is all about buffs and debuffs, as well as Earth and Thunder magic. Liana and Carol will aid you during the fight, so use those moments to inflict some heavy damage.

After whichever boss you face, the quest is technically over, but head back to the brigade's home to get a final reward, either in a letter out front or when you walk in.



  • Talk to Alleyne twice in the Elf Village's prison. Meet her in town for a fight. Win for a stat boost.
  • If you're at Level 25 after the first training session, equip the Guardian Staff and talk to Alleyne again for another stat boost.
  • Talking to Alleyne a third time will trigger a two-on-one fight. Win for more stats and the Ap Do spell.
  • Once you get to Kandur, fight the enemies until you get 35 Demon Fangs, then return to Piccolo for your final training fight with him. He'll gift you a new gauntlet weapon, the Namek Soul to give Kyuu a Soul Break and the ability to use him as a Summon Card.

Rival Boss 5: Alleyne Rematch

You've seen Alleyne's moves before and she's not too much stronger than your initial encounter. The main difference is Kyuu is going solo here. She does add Power Charge to her arsenal, which she'll use every few turns, so defend after she does.

Rival Boss 6: Nowa and Kanon

This isn't quite as bad as it seems. You have the Guardian Staff, so its Earth magic will do extra damage to Nowa. She's the weaker of the two in terms of attack strength, so whittle her down first before going for Kanon, as he won't pull out his bigger moves until his HP has dropped significantly.

Rival Boss 7: Piccolo Final Match

Piccolo stops holding back at this fight. He resists Energy and most status effects, but is weak to debuffs. He'll heal once and build up for a Soul Break if you take too long.



You should be able to get all the remaining Hidden Den items once you've finished your errands. The one in Galimus Plains requires Rainbow Dash, Reiko for the Dread Mountains and Suki for the Everfree Forest.


Once you've done all that you want, talk to Piccolo and choose your route: the Knight's HQ or the Suiseki Valley.

Knight's HQ

To get into the HQ, you'll need to say the creed.

  • I swear myself...
  • I declare to...
  • Obedience, hospitality...
  • Honor and justice...
  • Weapon, strength, life

Once inside, wander around and meet everyone, then head to the captain's office for a boss fight.

Boss Battle 34: Wild Dog

Wild Dog is an all-physical attacker with no magic moves. He also likes to inflict status aliments on you. After inflicting enough damage, he'll attack the whole party with an explosion for damage and a random status effect. Buff and prepare to heal for this fight.

Now you need to hunt Wild Dog down. Examine the second floor meeting room, the weapons room on the first floor and the holding cells to fight off some duplicates. You'll meet with Chris after the third one. Choose the cafeteria in the following conversation.

In the cafeteria, talk to Roy, then examine the wall. You'll be thrown into a new crisis. Talk to Chris twice and Makato to get an opening. The first conversation choice means nothing, but you need to pick your following choices carefully.

  • I'm a big fan!
  • How did you break in? / How fast can you shoot?
  • Not worth it.
  • Consider your actions.
  • One moment!
  • I have one question.

Another conversation happens. You're free to leave while Naruto and Leonardo join up.

Suiseki Valley

After Makato's unimpressive display, he'll join the party for the duration of the area.

Now in the valley, head east then north to reach a bandit camp. After a fight, you'll encounter Risty and she'll react based on if you meet her earlier. Some more fights later, continue through the valley and into the cave. Continue until you reach a dead end and examine the wall, then backtrack to start a boss fight.

Boss Battle 35: Risty & Company

This group fights with physical attacks. Take out the two back-up fighters before focusing on Risty. Naegi's Hale Bullets will help weaken the group. Risty will try a taunt on her sixth turn, but if you keep quiet, you can launch a sneak attack.

Risty will let you through after this. The area is very straight-forward, so keep going until you reach the exit and next boss.

Boss Battle 36: Taskmaster

Taskmaster has three phases. The first focuses on status aliments, so buff up and inflict your own. After enough damage, he'll heal up and focus on physical strikes, so retaliate in kind. The third phase has him use magic attacks, so your own mage will be most handy here.

After this, it's into Kandur. Head north to Hinode Village.

Hinode Village

You'll meet up with the Silver Crusade guild at the start. Hit up the teleport crystal, then head north. At the next screen, there's a building Kanata really doesn't want you to go into, so naturally, you should. After the cutscene there, you can head into the eastern part of the city.

After talking to the little girl there, head north to the shrine. Once inside, talk to Rika to begin a series of battles. This is your last chance to get things done for this chapter, so make sure you're all set before you talk to her. You won't have any control over your character choices, but the soldiers aren't terribly strong if you've been keeping your equipment up to date and recruited many a character. The conflict will end with Kyuu in a solo boss fight.

Boss Battle 37: Deathstroke

You only need to last eight turns for the first half. Focus on defense and debuffing his attack.

Deadpool will join you for the second half. Buff his attack and lay into Deathstroke with his status-inflicting moves. Watch your HP and he'll go down.

After this, the chapter ends.


Hidden Foes and Items

Ultra Bosses

Ultra Bosses are the cream of the crop and much harder than your regular fare foes. You can only face them with a particular member in your party after certain fights and if you've met the right conditions as well (such as completing a certain amount of guild quests). Winning, however, grants a nice-sized stat boost, as well as a free level up and new equipment with a unique SP move both for your required party member. No challenge for a pro like you, right?

In Chapter 4, talk to Toafski in the guild's main room and he'll introduce you to Hollow Scriptures. These are clues to the Ultra Bosses, hidden throughout the land. Bring them to him and he'll translate them for clues on how to access these fights.

Ultra Boss 1: Asmodeus & Beelzebub

You can only fight these bosses after beating the Goat Butlers with Kanon in the party and completing at least 3 guild quests.

These gals are a nasty example of what Ultra Bosses are capable of. Both pack powerful moves and magic, plus Beelzebub can heal, as well as a team-up move. Focus on one and knock her out, as well as keeping your defenses up. Each sister will strength when the other falls, so be ready for that.

Win for a big stat boost, the Tainted move and a Monster Sword for Kyuu, while Kanon gains a level and gains the Memoirs pendant.

Ultra Boss 2: Phantom Blot and the Beagle Boys

You can only fight this boss after beating Dragon Pete in Chapter 4 with Donald in the party and completing at least 5 guild quests.

Seems some of Donald's old foes arrived to back up Pete. You've got five foes against you for this one. They're mostly physical attackers, so buff your defense to start. You can either focus on one foe at a time or try the use of multiple foe attacks. No one foe is overwhelmingly strong, but sheer numbers can whittle you down if they focus on one member. The Blot can also inflict status conditions while Big Time will buff the whole party as he nears defeat.

For winning, Kyuu will gain a INT stat boost while Donald will go up one level and gain the Magic Bracer.

Ultra Boss 3: Zazz

You can only fight this boss after beating Bowser in Chapter 6 with Sonic in the party and completing at least 10 guild quests.

Zazz is a nasty one. Before you even get a chance to attack, he'll sap the entire party's Rune Points. Restore them for whoever needs them most and start on him. He's primarily a physical attacker, but can also use some powerful Earth magic as well. Once he's been weakened enough, he'll fully recover his HP and do so again to a lesser degree once he's weakened further, so make sure you have supplies enough for a long fight.

For winning, Kyuu will gain some more agility while Sonic gains a level and the Chaos Armor.

Ultra Boss 4: Katz

You can only fight this boss after beating the Great Moth during the Inn of Evil quest with Daffy in the party and completing at least 12 guild quests.

Katz is backed up by two Arachnid Lords, all of whom like to debuff and inflict status aliments upon you. Katz will also fully heal twice during the fight. Raise your stats early and have one party member focus on healing the others. Once Katz is defeated, the Arachnid Lords will go down as well.

Winning grants Daffy a level and the Acme Equipment.

Ultra Boss 5: The Headless Horseman

You can only fight this boss after beating The Assassin the second time at the end of Chapter 7 with Luigi in the party and it has to be during nighttime.

Zoinks! This ghostly enemy uses dark magic, as well as the ability to inflict Fear and Silence on party members. Raise your defense and keep the pressure on him until he fully heals. This will start a brief event where Kyuu takes one for Luigi. After two turns of this, Luigi will greatly weaken the boss, so buff your attack and strike him down before he can recover.

Winning gives Luigi a huge stat boost, another level and the Brave Cap.

Ultra Boss 6: Giga Bowser

You can only fight this boss during Chapter 8's climax with Mario in the party and completing at least 15 guild quests.

Bowser is well and determined to flush a plumber down the drain and he exceeds any boss you've fought so far by a good margin. He also has a large array of magic and moves at his disposal, so don't hold back in this fight. Chaos magic inflicts extra damage upon him. When he starts getting cocky, throw in back in his face to weaken him.

Victory earns a large boost for Kyuu while Mario levels up and gains Star Gloves.