Across various worlds, there are a large number of locations to explore in the Rakenzarn games.

Rakenzarn Tales Edit


The main setting of the game takes places on a world called Rakenzarn, located within Kyuu's book.

Rakenzarn is a very huge world consist of multiple continents, not all of which appear in the game. Each has different regions and different residents.

When the plague appeared, almost all of the regions were cursed and cut off from the rest of the world. The plague also caused different phenomena to different regions, resulting in a catastrophe.

Phantasma Continent Edit

The first continent. The regions are mostly fantasy related.

Nihon Continent Edit

The continent is based on Feudal Japan and a bit of Modern Japan.

Perdoce Continent Edit

The continent is famous for its educational purposes. The academies focus on various subjects, ranging from magical fields, technological study, the art of battle, and philosophy. There are three regions. However, the continent also houses their most famous tournament coliseum, the Makai Coliseum.

Unesco Continent Edit

The main continent housing the capital. The majority of the capital is an amalgamation of several themes including the modern era and the Medieval setting.

Equestria Continent Edit

One of two optional continents. Ponies and magical creatures reside in this very continent.

Areinos Continent Edit

One of two optional continents. Many Duel Spirits reside this continent, mainly the Fabled race.

 ??? Continent Edit

The final continent to be explored.

Rakenzarn: Frontier Story Edit

Frontier Story takes place over a large number of worlds, many based off of existing franchises.

The Chamber of Rakenzarn Edit

The home base of the Realmwalkers.

Universe A-20 Edit

Focusing on Hope's Peak Academy, this world is home to a version of Makoto Naegi.

Universe Revel-0 Edit

This universe is based off the Conquest path for Fire Emblem: Fates in the Hoshido region. Rhajat lives here.

Universe RY-86 Edit

A universe modeled after the Umineko series at Rokkenjima Mansion. Lion comes from here.

Universe Ortus Edit

An original world known as Boundless Providence.