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Fantastic Four #18 (September 1963)

Real name, Kl'rt, Super Skrull is a member of the Skrull race from the comic book series, Fantastic Four, by Marvel. Super Skrull has the power of all of the Fantastic Four. Ever since his debut, he becomes one of the famous villains of the Fantastic Four.


Kl'rt is the hero of his world who is extremely loyal to the crown of the Skrull Empire. However, he also has a sense of honor which sometimes leads him to side with the opposite forces even against his own brethren.

The war veteran Kl'rt was chosen to undergo a process that granted him the powers of the Fantastic Four when the Skrulls' invasion on Earth was thwarted by the Fantastic Four. Skrull scientists had to implant devices into Kl'rt that would draw on the cosmic energy that gave the FF their powers.

However, his powers would vary depending on the level of cosmic energy around him, so he needed a specially designed Interstellar Beam to be focused on him. Accepting the name Super Skrull, he traveled to Earth to do battle with what his people saw as villains. As a Skrull, he can alter his appearance at will, so his appearance is not constant. While using his Fantastic Four powers, it changes him as well. Mister Fantastic's power causes his appendages to stretch, extending his body. While accessing the powers of the Thing, any part of his body, usually the arms, take on an orange, rocky exterior. The Human Torch's powers simply light him ablaze, while the Invisible Woman's powers make it hard to see his appearance at all, since he becomes invisible.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

Super Skrull will make an appearance as a member of the Saint Lords.

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