We are the Deadly Six. We do not surrender. We conquer. We kill. We control!
—Sonic Boom Issue #9
The Deadly Six

Character Type:


Initial Level:





Chaotic Evil


Chapter 6: Thicker Fogs

Original Appearance:

Sonic Lost World (2014)

The Deadly Six are the antagonists of Sonic Lost World. All of them are creatures known as Zeti which possess the innate ability to manipulate magnetic fields, allowing them to remotely control electronic devices.


The Zeti lived for many years on the floating Lost Hex continent until Dr. Eggman invaded to set up his newest base. Using an item called the Cacophonic Conch, he subdued the Six into working for them. When Sonic and Tails arrived to stop Eggman's animal abduction, the Deadly Six were sent to stop them.

Shortly into their conflict, Sonic hastily knocked away the Conch freeing the Zeti from further torture and causing them to take Eggman's forces for their own. As Sonic and Tails teamed up with Eggman to counter this threat, the Six began using Eggman's new Extractor device to increase their powers further at the cost of the life of the planet. Ultimately, Sonic was able to defeat the Zeti, leaving Eggman to vow to find another Conch and revive the Zeti under his control.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

At some point before Kyuu arrived in Rakenzarn, Sonic fought and defeated the Deadly Six in an adventure akin to the original game.

If the proper conditions are met during gameplay, one of their members, Zazz, appears as the Ultra Boss of Chapter 6 after the confrontation with Bowser. He also appears in Chapter 8, acting as the first of three bosses during the rescue of the elven elder, and references the earlier fight if you engaged in it. He later attempts to stop the party from entering the Lost Tower, but is held off by Chizuko, Sonic, Toriko and Setsuna and later retreats when more of the Silver Crusade arrives.