Tiger the Dark
Tiger Mask W

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Wrestler (starter)


Chaotic Good



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Tiger the Dark, also known as Taukuma Fujii, is the duteragonist of the anime Tiger Mask W. He is a young man who takes the art of wrestling very serious and seeks to make a name for himself.


As a young man, Taukuma Fujii was a trainee of the wrestling organization Zipang, lead by his father Daisuke. The organization's big break seemed to come from a tournament invitation with the American branch of the Global Wrestling Monopoly, the major pro wrestling force. But the GWM's wrestlers dealt them a horrific loss, with Daisuke crippled in the final match by the wrestler Yellow Devil. From that moment on, Taukuma swore revenge.

That chance came when he was approached by Mr. X, head of the Tiger's Den organization behind the GWM, and made an offer to join. Learning that the Yellow Devil was a member of this group, Taukuma agreed with the intent to take down the Yellow Devil and destroy the Tiger's Den organization from within as revenge. After merciless training, he took the name Tiger the Dark.

His chance came with the War Game tournament. There, he could challenge the Yellow Devil to a fight. Moving up the ranks, including unknowingly defeating his friend Naoto Azuma - Tiger Mask - he finally has his chance to fight him. However, his accumulated injuries take their toll, resulting in both his defeat and unmasking.

After recovering, Tiger the Dark would help Tiger Mask get revenge for both of them by aiding him in the Final Wars wrestling competition, allowing Tiger Mask to defeat their mutual enemy, now going by The Third. With that, the two take the collective identity of Tiger Mask W and leave to train abroad.

Role in Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

An alternate Tiger the Dark appears in Rakenzarn: Frontier Story as one of the protagonists.


Stat-wise, Tiger has the highest physical attack stat growth next to Mei-Fang as well as large HP and defense stats. As professional wrestlers aren't really known for their magical prowess, his magic attack and magic defense stats are lacking in comparison.

His default exclusive class is Wrestler and he later gains the Beast and Striker classes.