Timed Events are a new feature added to Version 3 of the game, intended to showcase a bit more of the characters and how they get along with the other members of the party. By watching these events, players gain now only backstory, but also stat buffs, new moves and equipment.

Timed Events are accessed by examining the crystal in the Trophy World with the appropriate characters in the party or equipped to the characters as Support Cards. Each Timed Event can only be viewed once.

Party Members


DMG and Nina
  • Brave Imbuement (spell for Nina)
  • 1 Swan Song
Kite and Sakura
  • Kite gains +7 STR and +7 DEX.
  • Sakura gains +7 STR and +7 DEX.
  • Kite and Sakura learn Soul Unity move Rapid Wave.
Noel and Sakura
  • Noel gains +300 HP.
  • Sakura gains +5 DEX.
  • 1 Midnight Enders.
  • 1 Phantom Sniper.
  • 1 Yewn Hands.