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Lawful Good


Chapter 8: The Tower

Toriko is the protagonist of the manga of the same name. An expert hunter, martial artist and chef, he travels the world in search of the greatest foods and ingredients to slate his desire to create the greatest of meals.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Toriko first appears as a temporary party member during Chapter 8. When the party is confronted by a Man'drell Bull in the Zairu Forest, Toriko assists them by knocking out the beast. He and his partner Komatsu were scouring the region for their latest ingredient when the plague hit. He agrees to join the party for the duration of the crisis, helping to hold off Bowyser and Zazz while the party infiltrates the Lost Tower. He leaves the party at the start of Chapter 9, but promises to rejoin at a later date.

As fitting for one who looks like he can bench-press a tank, Toriko is a Lightning Bruiser type. He fights with fist weapons and uses a variety of punch and kick attacks in battle. His extensive hunting experience also grants his moves extra damage against Beast-type foes.

Toriko's Party Usage

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